Pre-Register to Get a Head Start Bonus in Impressive Mobile MMO Crusaders of Light

MMORPGs are about to get really-real on mobile later this year when NetEase delivers insanely promising Crusaders of Light. Although details are scarce at the moment, the bits of information we managed to get proves that we’re up for a real treat.

If nothing else, at least the fact that NetEase is developing the game should be a solid enough reason to have high hopes from it. NetEase are also behind insanely popular games like Eternal Arena, Immortal Conquest or Tome of the Sun. They know how to deliver highly addictive games and I’m sure they’re set the quality bar high with this one as well.

Crusaders of Light offers an authentic MMORPG experience in the open world of Milura where there are endless dungeons and areas to explore and conquer, equipment to grab for your heroes and alliances to be made. One of the most impressive features of the game is the ability to create or join 40-person raids. I’m not sure if something this epic has ever been made on mobile before!

You can pre-register to be one of the first ones to play the game when it launches and if you do so, you will also receive goodies worth $50. The goodies include various pieces of equipment, an impressive mount, premium currency and more.

There’s even a big challenge launched by the developers: if enough people pre-register and generate enough points for the game, they unlock an insane real-life money prize that they can potentially win. Please sit down before hearing about the potential prize!

NetEase is offering a $400,000 reward of real life money for the first team that manages to raid a specific dungeon on Heroic mode. That would definitely require a lot of dedication and many sign-up points, but it’s something that’s worth keeping an eye on.

But even if this amazing real life prize is not unlocked, you still get a ton of great goodies if you pre-register, plus an awesome game to play. It’s still a win for you!

So click here to visit the game’s official website and register. Crusaders of Light is scheduled for launch on July 13 on the App Store, July 20 on Google Play and later this summer on Facebook Gameroom.

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