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Persona Series Dances the Night Away Again with Two New Rhythm Games

When Persona 4: Dancing All Night hit the PlayStation Vita back in 2015, fans were confused. Happy, but confused. After Arc System Works released the fighting game spin-off Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, many fans thought that Atlus was done with the Persona 4 series and the newest main title was next. Persona 5 ultimately got pushed back several times, and what we got in the mean time was a rhythm game based on Persona 4?

It was a pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless, and now Atlus is once again going to dance the night away. Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night have officially been revealed as the next games in what I suppose now is the Dancing All Night spin-off series.

The first of the batch is Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light. Check out the trailer below for a short demo of the main characters doing what they do best – dancing! What, you thought we’d say fighting off Shadows? Nope – not in this game! You’ll get to see favorites like Junpei, Yukari, Aegis, and of course Yu move to the beat of a groovy new remix of “Burn My Dread,” the theme song of the original Persona 3Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light will launch Spring 2018 for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Up next we’ve got the latest entry of the main series, Persona 5. It’s structured exactly like the Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light trailer where the main cast of Persona 5 show off their best moves. The Phantom Thieves need to relax and enjoy themselves every now and then, no? Akira, Ryuji, Ann, and Makoto give us a nice little number to a background song that doesn’t sound familiar. While the trailer opens up with “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There,” it is ultimately taken over by this new song.

Of course, we’re not surprised – Persona 4: Dancing All Night had some new songs to keep things fresh in addition to the awesome remixes of existing songs. As a fan of the Persona games and rhythm games in general, I’m all for these two new games. The Persona games have fantastic soundtracks and being able to jam out to them in actual rhythm game setting sounds really fun!

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night will also launch on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Spring 2018.

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