Pegaxy Breeding Guide: Learn How to Breed Your Pegas

Breeding Pegas in Pegaxy is a key aspect of the game apart from Racing. You can race the horses you breed, but more importantly, you can also earn a pretty decent amount by renting or selling the Pegas you breed!

However, there are various factors that come into play when you’re breeding Pegas, which is why it’s normal for players to be puzzled on how they should be breeding.

Once you get a hang of it, though, you’ll find it much simpler and breeding will be a piece of cake for you!

How to Breed Pegas in Pegaxy?

The breeding process is quite simple and straightforward.

Firstly, make sure the Pegas you plan on breeding are of different genders and resting. You can see if they are resting or not if you go to the “My Pegas” section in “My Assets” tab and check the status on each Pega.

If they are racing, just click on “Take Back” and wait for a while.

Racing or Resting Pega in Pegaxy

After that, navigate to the “Breeding” tab and select the two Pegas you wish to breed.

Click on “Breed” and the new window should tell you how much VIS and PGX you’ll be spending.

pegas breeding menu in Pegaxy

Click on both the “Approve Pega” buttons, one after another, and wait for the process to complete.

Approve Pega to confrim breeding in Pegaxy

Make sure your Pegaxy account is linked to your Metamask account for successful transaction.

Once approved, click on the “Breed” button which is available again.

That will add a brand new, baby Pega to your collection!

breeding complete in Pegaxy

However, before you go through with the breeding process, let’s take a look at the factors that determine the breeding results.

Factors affecting Breeding Outcome


You must have one Male and one Female Pegas for successful breeding. Breeding can’t take place between the same genders.

You must make sure you’re purchasing both genders of Pegas when you make your initial investment.

As of right now, the gender of the baby Pega is determined on a 50-50 probability; but, some changes will be made in the future where you can play a part in determining the gender of the baby Pega.


Relationships don’t matter in Pegaxy when it comes to breeding because Pegas are considered to be futuristic machines.

Therefore, you can breed a Father Pega with a female baby Pega, or a male baby Pega with a female grandparent Pega. There are endless possibilities.   

Cost of Breeding

You can look at breeding as a form of investment for greater returns in the future. Breeding can be done 7 times for a particular ancestral line.

Pegas Breeding Cost in Pegaxy

You’ll have to spend both VIS and PGX to breed Pegas; while the value of PGX stays constant throughout, the value of VIS increases with each step increase in breeding.

The prices of both VIS and PGX tokens vary a lot in the market and I wouldn’t suggest going for more than 2 or 3 breeding cycles if prices don’t drop greatly. Further breeding is just too costly!

Furthermore, getting Pegas with 0/7 breeding will be most profitable if you’re looking to solely breed and invest on Pegas.

Rarity of Pegas

Rarity of Pegas depend on their Bloodlines. There are four Bloodlines in Pegaxy right now – Zan, Klin, Campona, and Hoz. Hoz is the rarest Bloodline in the game, whereas Zan is on the other end of the spectrum.

bloodlines pegaxy

Bloodlines affect the outcome of the breeding process in Pegas. When you breed two Pegas, the baby Pega will have the less rare bloodline. You can refer to the chart above.

The darker the red color is, the rarer is the Pega bloodline.

For example, if you’re breeding Pegas with bloodlines Klin and Campona, the baby Pega will most definitely have the Klin bloodline, since Campona is rarer than Klin.

Quite obviously, Pegas with rarer bloodlines are more valuable, so you should bank on these when you have the chance!

Types of Breed

So far, there are five different breed types in Pegaxy – Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Pacer. The order of these breed types is quite important too, with Founding being the highest order and Pacer, the lowest.

These also play a part in the breeding outcome, similar to the bloodlines of the Pegas.

The result of breeding between two breed types depend on the breed types of both Pegas, but mainly on the parent which has the lower breed type.

The Pegaxy devs have provided a table for this as well to make our decision-making easier!

breeding chances pegaxy

Let’s say, you’re breeding Pegas with breed types of Epic and Legendary. Epic is the lower breed type; so, we’ll use the “Epic + Epic” section of the table to figure out what breed type the baby may be.

As you can see, there’s an incredibly high chance that the baby Pega will be of the Rare breed type; however, there’s also a possibility to get a Pacer, Epic, or even a Legendary, depending on your luck.

Since the Founding breed type is limited in number, there’s no chance to get it by breeding. You’ll also only get offspring with Legendary breed type if you breed two Founding Pegas.

Breed types don’t play a significant part in any features of the game yet; but, the higher order breed types will definitely have some advantage once this feature is implemented in the game.  

Cooldown Period

After breeding is complete, there are specific cooldown periods for each bloodline before you can breed or race that baby Pega, and also a delay in being able to breed the respective parent Pegas.

cooldown period pegaxy

You’ll need to wait at least 4 days before you get to breed the baby Pega.

As for the parent Pegas, the cooldown period before you can breed these again is lower for rarer bloodlines.

For Hoz, you’ll only need to wait 1 day, while the wait will be 3 days for a Klin Pega.

If you’re looking to breed quickly, Hoz and Campona should be your clear favorites; however, they will, understandably, be more expensive and that’s a trade-off you’ll need to consider.

Wrapping Up

The process of breeding Pegas in Pegaxy may not be that complex; but the various factors you need to keep in mind when you breed is bound to cause some confusion.

Always try to refer to the charts and tables provided by the Pegaxy devs and they’ll definitely help you make more informed decisions.  

If you’re facing any issues with breeding Pegas, do leave a comment below and we can come up with a solution!

The tables and charts are taken from the official White Paper page of Pegaxy. Do keep updated with the page for changes that are made to the breeding costs, cooldown periods, and breeding chances.

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