Payday 3: 99 Boxes Stealth Guide

Are you trying to steal hi-tech components from a secure warehouse without triggering any alarms? This 99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3 will help you do just that.

Overall, the heist is fairly straightforward but will require a lot of back and forth but can be done in a few minutes if you know what you’re doing.

In this 99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3, I will explain how to complete this heist on Normal difficulty without triggering any alarms.

Keep in mind that there is a glitch currently in the 99 Boxes heist that allows you to earn infinite weapons and skill XP. For more details, check out our glitch showcase on how to get infinite XP in Payday 3.

99 Boxes Stealth Guide Part 1 in Payday 3

For the first part of the 99 Boxes heist, enter the Warehouse and its surrounding yard to complete the first objectives.

How to Prepare the Refrigerated Truck

99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3.

First, you must prepare the refrigerated truck. Enter the warehouse, follow the objective marker to unlock the truck, and open wooden boxes inside the warehouse to find the liquid nitrogen coolant.

Set it up inside the truck and that’s it.

How to Find and Hack the Computer

99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3.

Stay inside the warehouse and head to the offices on the upper floor. One of the offices will include a hackable computer. Keep in mind that there are two offices, one on each side of the warehouse, and the computer spawns randomly in one of them.

Be careful of the cameras and the guards patrolling there. Once you hack the PC, you can leave the warehouse for now.

Optionally, you can also mask up and take down the guard in the camera room to disable the cameras.

It’s on the base floor of the warehouse, just near the backside in a room locked with the blue keycard. There’s a bug right now where you can access the room without the keycard and the keycard doesn’t spawn anywhere.

Phone Hack

99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3.

Before moving on to the objective, there are two guards patrolling the outer yard of the warehouse, one on each side. Get close to them and interact with the phone on their back to hack it. Stay close to complete the process.

Even if they detect you, you will keep hacking the phone as they escort you out of the private area. Completing this on both guards will grant you two QR codes that you’ll need later.

99 Boxes Stealth Guide Part 2 in Payday 3

99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3.

To progress in this 99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3, follow the objective marker towards the storage yard and you’ll see that the gate is closed. The new objective markers will point you towards a zipline bag and then the location where you need to place it.

Jump and use the zipline to enter the storage yard.

How to Look for the Right Container

99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3.

Now that you’re in the storage yard, you need to look for the right container. Check the number on your quest log. The storage area will have numbers on the floor and you’ll need to locate the one that matches your number.

On the one side you’ll have A-numbers and on the other B-numbers. Once you locate your number, check the area behind it for a white crate with a black numpad in front of it.

Keep in mind that there are white crates that don’t have black numpads. These contain money and can be unlocked for extra rewards but aren’t necessary.

How to Bypass the Exterior Security & Secure the Components

99 Boxes stealth guide in Payday 3.

Once you find the container you’re looking for, it can be unlocked with the QR codes you got previously from the guards. Then, to unlock the inner mechanism, stand on five of the marked areas for a few seconds.

Once unlocked, you must pick up the components and bring them back to the truck you set up inside the warehouse before their value degrades. Jump on the fence and run inside while keeping an eye out for guards and civilians.

Once secured, you’ll need to repeat this process one more time. Find a second container from the number shown in the top left, unlock it, and secure the materials quickly.

Lastly, head outside to the starting area to escape and that’s it.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, to complete the 99 Boxes heist in stealth in Payday 3, progress with all the objectives while making sure to avoid guards and cameras.

Either secure the two components and escape, or check all the white containers in the storage area for extra money.

What do you think about the 99 Boxes heist? Are you doing the XP glitch or completing it normally? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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