Patch Quest: How to Summon and Level Up Mounts

In Patch Quest, mounts are a really important mechanic most players will need to be able to utilize to make their way to Patchlantis easier. Many traps and challenges, can be made easier by having a mount with you.

Knowing that mounts are important and being able to fully utilize them are two different things. In this guide, I will go over all the necessary information players will need to fully understand this mechanic.

Though if you don’t care so much about specifics and more about execution, I will explain to you how to summon and level up your mount.

When it comes to summoning if using a Playstation controller hold down the Triangle button. If you are using an Xbox controller hold down the Y button. If you are using a keyboard hold down the R key.

While still holding the button choose a monster then release it to summon it.

On the side of leveling up your mount, after a set amount of battles, it will level up. Keep in mind that this only affects corner rooms and not corridors.

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How to Summon in Patch Quest


Before going into summoning there are some basics you will need to know about monsters.

Every mount belongs to one of five species, these are Beast, Reptile, Bug, Flying, and Sea monster. 

Monsters and pets have 4 different sizes. The size will determine how much stamina they have and how much HP when you fight them.

  • Mini (25 stamina)
  • Regular (40 Stamina)
  • Elite (50 stamina)
  • King-sized (60 stamina)

When you get your mount, it will get two new passive abilities that are specific to them. Some pets share abilities, so if you need a certain one you don’t have to use a pet you don’t like.

You can find a description of these passives in your records tab.

Stamina is also a stat that can be increased. For each full heart, you will gain two additional stamina.

Now that you are caught up with the basics, you can summon a mount once every run with the Wildlife Whistle. If your pet dies or leaves, it cannot be resummoned for the rest of the quest.

Here are the keys you need to press:

  • Keyboard: Hold down the R key
  • XBOX: Hold down the Y button
  • Playstation: Hold down the Triangle button.

After holding down the associated button, a wheel will appear with all available pets. You point at the pet you want and select it.

After selecting a pet and closing the menu, a whistling sound will be heard and the selected pet will appear near the player. To ride a monster after summoning it, just lasso and it should take half a spin around it.

To send a captured monster back to base and gain it as a pet, open the menu once you’ve mounted it, and click the “Send to Camp” button underneath Perks.

With all the basics down, this is how to summon in Patch Quest.

How to Level Up in Patch Quest


Aside from helping you move across the map, and over obstacles. Pets can also level up and help you out in battle.

Every mount has 1 defensive skill and 2 attacking skills. Its attacking skills can have a cooldown between two – eight seconds. Defense skills range from zero – four seconds.

As already discussed above, every monster has a base amount of stamina. This will slowly drain while you’re walking through the overworld.

The game has a way for you to regain stamina if you use an attacking skill and it hits an enemy. If you just use an attack and don’t hit anything, it won’t work.

For your pet to gain exp in battle, you will need to be in one of the corner rooms. No matter how many enemies you defeat, while in a corridor your pet will not gain any EXP.

These were all the basics on how to level up mounts in Patch Quest.


With all the information down on how to summon and level up mounts in Patch Quest, you will definitely have an easier time in your adventures.

With the basics down, and a better understanding of what to expect you will not be caught by surprise

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Let us know in the comments down below if you have any favorite pets os far and if a monster has caught your attention.

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