Patch Quest: How to Melee and Eat Bugs

Patch Quest is a Roguelike/Metroidvania that seems cute, but it’s a deceptively difficult bullet hell. Patch Quest tasks players to venture ever deeper into the island’s underbelly.

One of the many mechanics to aid you in your quest to go deeper Patchlantis is how to melee and eat bugs in Patch Quest.

Hidden behind some of the game’s mechanics both of these skills are hidden. Don’t fret though, because if you don’t like long-winded explanations I have you covered.

Melee attacks are locked behind the Sap Extractor perk, and players can eat bugs when they obtain the Toad Idol and unlock the skill Insectivore.

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How to Melee in Patch Quest


Perks are permanent bonuses to the player’s gear in Patch Quest that are obtained as the player’s Explorer Rank grows.

If the player levels up and gains perk points, they can next spend these points on unlocking new items in the perk grid.

Your offensive power is mostly defined by the upgrades you apply to your gun while out exploring, as well as any attack-oriented skills your mount may have at its disposal.

Sap Extractor introduces a third branch to the weapon tree by enabling you to melee a hostile plant to temporarily extract a powerful weapon.

Your melee attacks can also be further enhanced by Melee Charms. Charms are collectibles that grant a variety of helpful bonuses to the player.

  • Ricochet: Melee Blasting a monster into walls or obstacles will trigger an explosion
  • Auto Melee: Automatically Melee Blast any monster that touches you
  • Point Blank: When you Melee Blast, also shoot a wave of shots
  • Alternator: Your Melee Blasts will increase your Charge Blast meter
  • Clearing Clap: Your Melee Blasts also clear nearby hostile shots
  • Buttery Coating: Monsters will fly much further when Melee Blasted
  • Calming Touch: Melee Blasting a monster will disable its defense skill for a while
  • Friction Flames: Melee Blasted monsters leave a trail of fire as they slide

This is how you unlock the ability to melee in Patch Quest.

How to Eat Bugs in Patch Quest


Treasures are items that are obtained by defeating bosses and clearing dungeons.

Treasures are split into four categories: Legendary Treasure, Crystal Cores, Idols, and Trinkets.

In order to unlock the ability to eat bugs and regain stamina, is to obtain the Toad Idol.

Toad Idol is the first or the second idol that a player is likely to get. It is an idol shaped like a toad head with green eyes and a tongue.

The Toad Idol can be found in the Toad Shrine which is located on the west side of the Jungle Zone.

Here is a quick look at what to expect when exploring the Toad Shrine.

  • Room 1: The first room the player enters has a bunch of Crumbling Walls, Lanferns, and toxic water.
  • Room 2: The second room is a fight room. There is a Stone Head in the middle, toxic water, Tentacaps, and 4 Ancient Plinths, 1 on each corner. The fight consists of 2 Elite Tattoads.
  • Room 3: The third room is a long corridor with no monsters, and a lot of Dart Totems. You must quickly run down the middle to avoid the darts. For the second wave of Dart Totems, there is mud on the floor, making you have to use your mount skills to avoid the darts or get sticky.
  • Room 4: The fourth room is a battle room, with 2 Sneestools. The fight consists of 2 waves. The first wave is 4 Croakamels and the second wave is 2 Elite Buzzerkers
  • Room 5: The fifth room is a corridor room that is made entirely of toxic water. You must either have a mount with the poison-proof skill or use the bubbles from the Bubble Bulbs. You have to maneuver around the bullets from the Rain Totems to avoid their bubble popping. At the end of the corridor, you have to shoot down Rot Stumps to continue, which will spawn Spiders Critters.
  • Room 6: The sixth room is a peaceful room before the boss. You will find Bubble Bulbs, toxic water, and 2 random Ammo Fruits.
  • Room 7: The boss room, contains a Jumbo Tattoad.
  • Room 8: This is the last room of the Toad Shrine. Here you can acquire the Toad Idol.

This is how you unlock the ability to eat bugs in Patch Quest.


In conclusion, this has been how to melee and eat bugs in Patch Quest. With this information, you can go into any run ready and prepared to take down any challenge.

Use the information for the perks and the room layout for the Toad Shrine to make your way through it fast and safely.

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Let us know in the comments down below if you enjoy using the melee option or is there another playstyle in the game that you enjoy using.

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