Coromon: Best Water Type for your Team

Best Water Type Coromon for Your Team

Water is one of the seven available elemental types in Coromon. It is unique because it’s the only type that’s super effective against two different types. Specifically, Water-type moves are very effective against both Sand … Read more

Big Ambitions: How to Sell Donuts

How to Sell Donuts in Big Ambitions

When managing a fast-food restaurant, customers will mention that they would like some donuts. Also, the marketing insider app will mention an increased demand for donuts. However, it isn’t exactly clear how to get them … Read more

Big Ambitions: How to Repair Car

How to Repair Car in Big Ambitions

The car is an extremely helpful asset in Big Ambitions as it allows you to transfer goods and move around the map faster. However, each car has a condition percentage and it’s important to keep … Read more

Contraband Police: Best Upgrades to Get

Contraband Police - Best Post Upgrades to Get

Upgrading your post is an essential part of progression in Contraband Police as it allows you to increase your health, hold more prisoners, have larger storage, and more. There are five upgrades in total, and … Read more