Top 5 Simulator Games For 2021

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Although not as widely played as the Shooter and Role Playing Games (RPGs) gaming genres, Simulation games are progressing on a steady trajectory. The pace of the latter category is slower, requiring players to assume … Read more

Ranking the Best Fallout Games

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Throughout the rich history of video games, we’ve seen plenty of fantastic RPGs. Some have been successful, others less so. One of the biggest hits in role-playing games is definitely Fallout, the fantasy post-apocalyptic series … Read more

Video Games as the New IQ Tests

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Video games are the best when it comes to taking a break from our hectic schedules. But sometimes, teenagers get so addicted to playing video games that their parents have to discourage them from doing … Read more

Far Cry 6: Why You Should Play It

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Far Cry 6 takes over your world, gaming space and any free time. The open-world, the shooter-themed game is an experience worth every dollar spent purchasing it. Gamers get exposure to a Caribbean tour with … Read more

Rise of iGaming in the US

rise of igaming in the us

If there was going to be one industry that thrived in the United States in recent years, it was going to be the iGaming industry. If there is something millions of people are keen to … Read more