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Nintendo Labo Brings Nintendo Magic to Cardboard


You’ll never look at cardboard the same way again! Nintendo has officially revealed their latest project, “Labo”. The goal of Nintendo Labo is to get kids – and adults too – into playing the Switch in a more interactive, tactile way.

Nintendo has often turned to thinking outside the box in search of creative new ways to have fun, but now they’re taking the box straight up and turning it into a world of amazement. Labo is a new game that brings creative new ways to play with different little minigames. Check out the trailer!

The way it works is that each Labo game comes in a kit, and the kits have their own game and cardboard set. You’ll need to build the cardboard playsets yourself, then simply take your Joy-Cons on your Switch, stick them in the designated spots, and watch as magic happens! Turn your Joy-Cons into a piano, a fishing rod, an RC car, a motorcycle, and even a giant robot that you get to pilot yourself. The possibilities are endless with Labo.

What’s interesting is that the Robot game seems to be in virtual reality, which would mark this as the second major foray Nintendo has taken into the world of virtual reality. Another interesting tidbit is that the robot game seems to be based off of Miyamoto’s long lost Wii U robot project, a game where you smashed up building as a giant robot. That’s exactly what’s happening in the trailer!

Nintendo Labo launches on April 20, 2018. We’ve got a few details about pricing. First off, on launch date there will be two packs available: the Variety Kit ($69.99) and the Robot Kit ($79.99), as seen in trailer. The Variety Kit includes the game and the cardboard pieces for the piano, RC car, and fishing rod, while the Robot Kit includes the robot game plus the intricate robot cardboard set. We don’t have any exact details yet but some of these cardboard designs are actually very complex and will require some careful construction.

When Nintendo said that they had a new way to play the Switch coming, cardboard toys were not what we were expecting. Still though, we’re pleasantly surprised! Leave it to Nintendo to pull something like this. We can’t wait to hear more about Labo!

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