New Total War Spin-off ‘Total War Saga’ Focuses on Smaller Skirmishes

Creative Assembly, the minds behind the PC classic Total War series has announced that the franchise is officially getting a new spin-off series. Total War Saga – the “saga” part of the name meant to differentiate it from the main series – will play out like a standard Total War game but the focus will shift to small scale conflicts that last only a couple weeks or months.

The Total War games had their beginnings rooted in real-life historical battles. The most recent game in the series shifted from a real story to a fantasy setting – more specifically the Warhammer universe. Fans were a bit worried that the main series had been left behind in favor of the Warhammer games especially considering Total War: Warhammer II is coming later this year. Creative Assembly is hoping to calm those worries with this announcement.

In an interview with game director Jack Lusted, he states that the standalone games in the series are good examples of what to expect from Total War Saga. The Total War games have always covered large historical eras like Rome. Afterwards there would be a standalone game that would focus on a single figure that was pivotal to the movement, like Napoleon or Attila. What about those other small pivotal moments that didn’t have a center figure, though? That’s exactly what the Total War Saga games are going to focus on.

Lusted points to the Fall of the Samurai spin-off from Total War: Shogun 2 as an example. That game told the events of a very important turning point in the middle of the Boshin War, but the conflict itself was just a small part of a much bigger picture. Essentially you can expect more of these standalone spin-off games but under a shiny new label.

The Total War Saga games will feature the same mix of turn-based strategy and real-time tactical battles that you’ve come to expect and love from the Total War games. We’ll learn more about the game as we get closer to 2018.

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