New Hero Doomfist Breaks His Way Into Overwatch

“Those who rise up… their names will be remembered forever.”

After Blizzard updated the Numbani map in Overwatch to include the aftermath of what seemed to be a breakout, we finally get to see final results. Blizzard has released a new trailer showcasing the origin story of Doomfist, the next hero to join the roster. Doomfist was one of the leaders of Talon, the terrorist organization that serves as the primary bad guy in the Overwatch universe. If that isn’t enough to scare you, check out his origin story trailer to see what the guy is really made of.

Doomfist’s arrival goes back all the way to Overwatch’s first cinematic trailer with the two boys at the museum. The younger brother excitingly checks out Doomfist’s gauntlet, hovering in a glass box. According to the stories Doomfist was able to level skyscrapers with the power of the gauntlet, and you get to see that power full force.

We thought Doomfist is super cool, and if you think so too, you can actually play as him right now on the Public Test Region. Doomfist is classified as a Offense hero – here’s a quick rundown of his abilities.

His primary fire is his Hand Cannon. Much like Roadhog’s Scrap Gun, the Hand Cannon shoots out multiple pellets per shot, and the shorter the distance between Doomfist and his target, the greater the damage. Doomfist does not need to reload his Hand Cannon, as it will automatically regenerate more ammo over time.

His secondary fire is his trademark Rocket Punch. Upon activation Doomfist charges up his gauntlet which is indicated by a meter below the crosshair. Activating again when fully charged will cause Doomfist to quickly charge forward with immense power, dealing damage and knocking anything in the way back. Targets that collide with a wall or object take extra damage!

His first basic ability is Rising Uppercut. Doomfist performs a quick uppercut with his gauntlet, launching himself and any targets hit into the air.

His second basic ability is Seismic Slam. Doomfist leaps forward and slams the ground, pulling in targets caught in the shockwave. You can utilize this pull-in to combo into your other abilities!

His passive ability is The Best Defense… which allows Doomfist to generate temporary shields as he damages enemies with his abilities.

And finally, his ultimate ability is Meteor Strike. Doomfist jumps straight up into the air, and a blue targeting ring appears. This shows Doomfist’s landing spot which can be steered as he’s coming back down. After a couple seconds, Doomfist crashes into the ground with meteoric force dealing massive damage to enemies.

Doomfist, while only sporting 250 health, can be deceptively bulky thanks to his passive ability. With the right setups, Doomfist seems like he’s going to be an absolute nightmare. Imagine having the enemy team sucked into a Graviton Surge while you blast off into the sky to prep a Meteor Strike. Imagine the possibilities!

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