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MyNintendo Gold Points to Cash Coming March


MyNintendo, Nintendo’s customer reward program, launched back in 2016 to some rather lukewarm reception. Many fans thought that the previous Club Nintendo had much better rewards, and that still stands true today. Thankfully though, things will get a little better this March with the recently announced gold points change.

So, MyNintendo has two currencies: platinum points and gold points. Although it’s usually the other way around, platinum points are the “regular” points and gold points are the “premium” points. Nintendo players could earn platinum points for simply checking into the website every week and playing Nintendo’s mobile games and completing achievements.

Platinum points could be redeemed for small, nifty things like wallpapers for your desktop PC and mobile device. Sometimes you could even get an application or small game with platinum points too! But the “best” (note the quotation marks) stuff was behind gold points.

Gold points were awarded to you if you purchase a game off of the Nintendo eShop. The more expensive the game was the more points you got. Gold points could be redeemed for premium prizes like full games, DLC packs, and discount coupons.

Sounds good, right? Well the problem is that your points expire after a certain point, including your hard-earned gold points. The games you could get with gold points were usually small indie games as well, so many people were sitting on gold points waiting for something good.

Well, after a year of waiting, we’re finally getting an option! Nintendo has announced that starting March, you’ll be able to spend gold points towards purchases made on the Switch’s eShop. You can also buy games from the MyNintendo website as well!

Details remain unclear, like what exactly is the conversion rate, but we’re just glad we can finally use these gold points for something.

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