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To The Moon 2 Debuts in a Wacky Announcement

To the Moon was an indie classic that captured the hearts of gamers around the world. Released in 2011, this game utilized the RPG Maker Engine to create an RPG that didn’t really have any combat. Instead, it opted for linear experience with a big emphasis on story and narrative. Players assumed the role of Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts as they let dying patients relive their lives the way they wanted it to go – essentially granting them wishes.

If you’ve never played it, you can already tell just from that synopsis that the game was pretty heavy with its themes and tone. Freebird Games, the team behind the game, announced sometime ago that a sequel was coming but not much was heard of it after that. Today, we’ve finally gotten our first look at the game and well… see for yourself.

Poking fun a lot of topics from today’s era, we see that the studio still has that same kind of humor that was found in the original To the Moon. Unfortunately the trailer ends after the punchline, so this is more of a teaser than an actual trailer. Still, we’re excited that the doctors’ adventures are continuing! Finding Paradise, the official title of the game, follows the doctors on their next case.

This time around they’re helping a man named Colin Reeds, who actually is the protagonist from Freebird’s earlier title A Bird Story. The game has officially been titled as the second chapter of the To the Moon series, which means that future games in the series will probably chronicle the adventures of the Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts. The game is currently scheduled for a December 14 release, so stay tuned as we get closer its release date next month. Director Kan Gao says that a real trailer will come out by then.

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