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Mega Man Inspired Roguelike 20XX Leaves Early Access

Hooray! Another indie game left Early Access today, and it’s none other than the 2D side scrolling platform shooter 20XX20XX is what would happen if you took modern day roguelike elements and mashed them into one of the classic Mega Man X games. Piqued your interest yet? It’s currently sitting at a Very Positive rating out of 1,214 review of Steam at the moment and is hailed as the true successor to Mega Man, after the tragedy that was Mighty No. 9.

20XX is a roguelike action platformer where you’ll jump and shoot your way through procedurally changing levels. You’ll fight bosses at the end of each level and defeating them rewards you with numerous upgrades and new abilities. Be careful though – true to the genre, you’ll lose almost everything upon death, and you’ll have to start from scratch on your next run.

20XX was initially released on Steam through the Early Access program back in November 2014. This game has been in development for roughly three years, and it’s come a very long way. Today’s 1.00.0 patch will bring the game officially out of Early Access and adds the typical Steam dressings like achievements, trading cards, and more.

As for the actual game, there will be new bosses and new endgame content. Simply called the “Station,” this level will appear after level 8, which was previous final level. Here you’ll fight two new super tough bosses that will put everything you’ve learned so far to the test. There’s new music for previous stages, a proper ending cutscene, weapon and character balance changes, and a plethora of bug fixes.

An important note: previous players of 20XX will have their save files wiped, however leaderboard data and your game stats will remain in tact. While this means that you’ll lose any permanent progress you’ve made so far, you’ll keep your statistics which means some achievements will unlock right away! Now is the greatest time to jump into 20XX!

You can read the full patch notes on the 20XX Steam community announcement board.

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