Last Epoch: How to Get More Adorned Idols

In Last Epoch, players will have the ability to affect many aspects of their character. From their base class to the different masteries, the expansive skill tree, and the gear they chose to equip.

There is one more aspect in the game that players will spend a lot of time hunting down and that is Idols.

In this guide, I will show the general information about the Idols any player will need, and then go over how to get more Adorned Idols in the Last Epoch.

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Last Epoch: General Information about Idols


Idols are unmodifiable statuettes that always come with a prefix and a suffix.

They can be put in a dedicated Idol Inventory, where they take up some space in a grid, based on type. Larger and longer idols generally provide better bonuses.

In general, Idols vary in size, while Adorned Idols can only be in a 2×2 shape. Larger idols are also class-specific, and they are weighted towards rolling affixes based on the class in play.

Idols in general are found throughout the game as drops from different enemies, idol shrines, and monoliths.

Here is an overview of Idols in the game.

Small Idol1×1Damage over Time, Dodge Rating, HP Regen, Healing Effectiveness, Stun ChanceNon-Elemental Resistance, Shared Non-Elemental Damage
Humble Idol2×1Bleed Chance on Hit, Poison Chance on Hit, Health on Kill, Stun Duration, VitalityNon-Elemental Resistance, Shared Non-Elemental Damage
Stout Idol1×2Ward Gained on Hit, Ignite Chance on Hit, Shock Chance on Hit, Critical Strike Chance, Freeze Rate Multiplier, Health, Potion HP converted to WardElemental Resistance, Health, Shared Elemental Damage
Adorned Idol2×2Varies, some class-specific augmentsVaries, some class-specific augments
Grand Idol3×1Varies, some class-specific augments, Transformation augmentsVaries, some class-specific augments, Non-Elemental Resistance, Shared Non-Elemental Damage
Large Idol1×3Varies, some class-specific augmentsVaries, mostly Damage and Defenses
Ornate Idol4×1Varies, few class-specific augments, offensive augmentsVaries, mostly Buffs and Ailments, Non-Elemental Resistance, Shared Non-Elemental Damage
Huge Idol1×4Varies, mostly class-specific augmentsVaries, mostly Damage, Ailments, and Defenses

This was all the general information about Idols in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: Adorned Idols


Now let’s dig a little deeper into Adorned Idols since we are talking about them.

Basic Adorned Idols have a minimum drop level of 20, but some of them are class-tied:

  • Adorned Arcane Idol – Mage
  • Adorned Heorot Idol – Primalist
  • Adorned Immortal Idol – Acolyte
  • Adorned Majasan Idol – Rogue
  • Adorned Rahyeh Idol – Sentinel

Adorned Silver Idol and Adorned Volcano Idol are not affiliated with any specific classes and don’t drop.

Sadly for players, currently there is no surefire way to farm any specific type of Idol in Last Epoch. Unfortunately for us that includes the Adorned Idols, as well.

However, do not lose hope yet, because the developers included a way to increase your chances of getting an Adorned Idol through two different types of blessings.

  • Mark of Agony: Increases Adorned Idol drop rate by 30-50% (obtained in the Fall of the Outcasts timeline – level 58)
  • Grand Mark of Agony: Increases Adorned Idol drop rate by 51-100% (obtained in the Fall of the Outcasts timeline – level 100)

This was all the information on how to get more Adorned Idols in the Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: Unique Adorned Idols


There is one more thing to mention when talking about Adorned Idols in Last Epoch.

Those are the two unique Adorned Idols, Throne of Ambition, and Trinity of Flames.

The Throne of Ambition is dropped from the God Hunter Argentus in the Stolen Lance timeline.

The Trinity of Flames is dropped from the Three Immortal Shamans (Bhuldar, Herkir, and Logi) in the Spirits of Fire timeline.


In conclusion, this was all the information on how to get more Adorned Idols in the Last Epoch.

The general information and the unique Adorned Idols round out all the information any player will need before going off in search of them.

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Let us know in the comments down below, how is your luck so far in searching for Idols, and how you feel about systems like this.


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