Last Epoch: Best Necromancer Build

Last Epoch is an action RPG in early access, that is currently in its 0.9 beta cycle. With 5 base classes and 15 subclasses, many people will have a lot of options and build opportunities.

In this guide, I will showcase the best necromancer build in Last Epoch as of its current beta release. It is a Necromancer tank build, that will focus on freezing your opponents.

I will give a quick overview of how the build works, and go over the gear players will want to find and equip. This build will allow players to push further content and have some survivability.

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Last Epoch: Best Necromancer Build



Since Dreadshade no longer buffs the whole party, and only buffs you. You will need to figure out a way to be a good support for your party.

This Necromancer build works around having your summons do all the work, while you move around, and then teleporting them to your location thanks to Skeleton Mage’s Death’s Cavalry.

What you are going to do is freeze everything. If everything is chilled and frozen, they won’t be able to touch you, and you will get a ton of survivability this way.

Dread shade is something you will be casting all the time, but internal shade will be something you will cast when you need that extra oomph in your damage because it is going to kill your minions.

Since you are not using temporary minions to zombies, you are going to have a very easy time re-summoning the, because you won’t have to deal with multiple minions that have to be cast.

This is the build overview of the best Necromancer build for the Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: Best Necromancer Build

Gear & Idols


When it comes to Idols you will need two, 2×2 Idols that will give you a chance to summon the flame wraith and the other to have Mark of Death on hit. You can also use extra life or crit as well.

You can fill the rest of the slots with three 3×1 Idols with increased cold damage, and one 3×1 with increased fire damage. You can also use physical resistance, but there are other options you could work with.

Now moving on to gear, this build works around the Frozen Eye of Formosus.

The reason you will be able to freeze every enemy you encounter is because of this piece of gear. This amulet will give your minions a 241% percent minion freeze rate per stack of chill, and you will have three stacks.

For body armor, you will equip Aaron’s Will, because it will allow you to have more golems. Even though it disables your ability to summon skeleton warriors, archers, or rogues, you will still be powerful enough to deal with most things.

For the helmet, you will go with Acolyte’s Revenant Mask of Insulation, for the chance to summon more skeleton mages.

For the staff, you will go with the Maurauder’s Dragon Staff of the Coven.

For the rings, you will go with Commander’s Turquoise Ring of Remedy, and Ursine Opal Ring of Endurance.

For the belt, you will go with the Commander’s Sealed Bronze Belt of the Giant and the Rejuvenating Runed Bones of Life relic.

Lastly, for the boots, you will go with Scholar’ Solarum Greaves of Life, and the gloves will be the Ursine Crusader Gauntlets of the Giant.

If you want a video guide with step by step explanation of the build, what is the level-up progression, and the character breakdown, check out the excellent video made by Youtuber Action RPG.


In conclusion, this was the showcase of the best Necromancer build, in Last Epoch.

A non-conventional build, that will make the best use of the Necromancer’s abilities, and provide a really enjoyable experience for players.

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Let us know in the comments down below how you usually use the Necromancer, and if are there any builds you find enjoyable.

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