Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming?

Whether you’re building your own gaming PC or looking for new monitors in the market, you’ll find an abundance of 60Hz monitors.

Even with the rise in popularity of the 120Hz and 144Hz monitors, 60Hz monitors are still in demand and desired by a lot of customers.

But, are they worth it? Will a 60Hz monitor be good for gaming?

Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming?

Yes, a 60Hz is good enough for gaming purposes. But, whether you should be getting one depends on several factors.

Refresh rate is the number of times your monitor displays a new frame every second. The framerate output of your graphics card also plays a part here.

So, if your graphics card can render 200 Fps, but your monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, you’ll only get 60Fps on your games.

Right off the bat, higher refresh rates mean that your monitor’s displaying a greater number of frames per second and that definitely improves the visual experience.

60Hz Monitor vs 144 Hz Monitor comparison
Comparison taken from The TechChap

You’ll find noticeable differences between 120Hz or 144Hz and 60Hz monitors, with the former providing smoother and a more advanced experience while gaming.

However, this takes nothing away from the performance of 60Hz monitors in gaming, as these are still good enough.

60Hz monitors do a decent job in generating smooth and swift graphics in games; in fact, you can play most games without noticing any broken or choppy pixels.

If you mainly play third-person games belonging to the RPG/ARPG genre, shooter genre, or games that don’t ask for a lot of power from your graphics card, a 60Hz monitor will be adequate for you.

However, if competitive gaming is your focus, then you should probably go for higher refresh rates.

60Hz Monitor vs 144 Hz Monitor comparison 2
Comparison taken from The TechChap

A 144/240Hz monitor will give you a competitive advantage over opponents with 60/75 Hz monitors and enable you to attack better.

Since the 144Hz screen refreshes faster, you’ll be able to notice minute movements and changes in the game better than others.

Nevertheless, as long as a constant 120FPS or higher isn’t a requirement for you, 60Hz monitors is definitely a viable option!

Another key point to take into consideration is that 60Hz monitors are way cheaper than the 144Hz ones.

60Hz Monitor vs 144 Hz Monitor Price comparison
Monitor specs taken from Product Chart

Therefore, if there’s a limitation in your budget, then going for a 60Hz monitor and allocating greater funds for a better graphics card or an SSD would be a smarter move.

Wrapping Up

Even though they have decreased in popularity, 60Hz monitors are still pretty good for gaming. The visual experience is good enough for almost all types of gaming.

It’s true that 144Hz monitors are better in performance, but 60Hz monitors are an amazing option for gamers with limited budgets.

If you have gone through the article, I’m sure you’ve now figured out if you should be going for 60Hz monitors for gaming!

In case you’re still confused, do leave a comment so we can discuss your situation further!

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