How to Improve at Online Poker

Most people who play poker do it recreationally, with no expectation to win big bucks. They simply enjoy an evening online, betting small amounts and enjoying the thrill of competing against others.

But for those people determined to make money out of poker, and perhaps even make the step up to the world of professional poker, it’s vital to find every advantage possible. In this article, we take a look at the steps you can take to improve your online game.

Practice: Yes, it might seem boring to say practice, but it’s the most obvious thing you can do to improve your game. Even if you know every single possible hand, you can still come a cropper in a poker game.

Playing in real life scenarios with friends and strangers is the best way to improve your game, work out situational differences, learn whether to trust your ‘feeling’ or not and most importantly study the body language of other players.

Practicing will also improve your ability to cope under pressure, if you’ve had a couple of poor hands and your opponents are piling on the pressure then you’ll learn fast what it takes to swim and how easy it is to sink.

Research: There are numerous poker strategies out there, some more complex than others, but you’ll need to identify your game style first and see which one suits you. If you’re prone to losing concentration and making rash decisions then research defensive strategies to solidify your game and keep your concentration in-tact.

Additionally, there are strategies suited to the more offensive player as well as certain situational strategies that you should definitely learn.

Play a game that suits you: There’s absolutely no point diving into a high-rollers table when you’re a relative newbie, the only thing you’ll achieve is destroying your confidence. Set yourself a progression plan and follow it.

Work your way up through the different levels of skills, as soon as you find yourself wining more than usual, go up a skill level and you’ll steadily be on your way to poker supremacy. You could even try out various types of poker and find the type of game that best fits your skills.

Count cards: Okay, so this one is hugely unethical and definitely not allowed. Added to that you’ll need to have rain man levels of memory and have the mathematical skills of Pythagoras. So if this isn’t an option, what else could you do?

Use a poker calculator: Card counting is against the rules, and probably out of the skill-set of most players, so the next best thing is a poker odds calculator. A little poker tool that you can use to analyse every single hand you play.

This tool designed by 888 poker enables users to access to punch in the cards on show and the calculate the odds of every possible outcome for you.

Also, rather than giving you an edge in-game, you can use the poker calculator to review pasts hands and plays that you’ve made. Reviewing every decision you made to see if it was the best choice and learning from your mistakes.

Watch poker: Firstly, you can sit in on a game at your local casino and see how the dynamics unfold between ranges of different players. Noticing the different psychological tricks on display, but also using the time when you’re not involved to work out the likelihood of certain outcomes.

Even better than that, you can watch professional poker players on TV. After all, you’re likely to learn more from the world’s best players than you are from Brian down the local casino. You’ll be able to spot a much wider range of strategies and techniques and learn all the minute details that make the difference at the top level.


If you’re playing poker just for fun with your friends, then this article probably isn’t for you, but if you do want to become a better player – congratulations for reading so far – here’s a key refresher of everything you need to be the best.

– Practice: Yep, it’s definitely the most boring bit of advice you can get, but practice really does make perfect. What you’ll learn is perhaps unquantifiable, but the experience that you gain from practicing is invaluable.

– Research: As with anything, you can’t just have a brief knowledge of poker and then jump straight in, if you do that, you’ll be caught out quickly. Research plenty of strategies, patterns and odds. The more you know about the game, the better you’ll be at it.

– Count cards: Definitely don’t do this

– Use a poker calculator: Get yourself online and make use of a poker calculator, if you’re in a tight game and stuck on what to do, you can calculate the odds and make sure you don’t get caught out, just check the rules of the particular online platform before you start. Also, use the poker calculator to review your previous games and look at the mistakes you made and learn from them.

– Be lucky: Probably the most important factor in poker success, be lucky, when you’re on a streak, make the most of it!

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