How Do Coupon and Promo Codes Websites Make Money from Games?

All kinds of services and products are being offered with online promo codes and coupons. They are a great way to attract customers to make a purchase. You know if they take benefit of the coupons it’s because they are near to take one important step: buy your products. To take it even further, placing your promo or coupon codes at coupon websites can increase your sales significantly.

People in different parts of the world have different attitudes to promos. The UK, for example, spends 7 times less on searching them online or in the newspapers than the US. About the latter, 90% of US consumers use promo in some way, including paper ones.

What does it mean? Everyone loves Deals. All we need is to figure out how to use them in the most efficient way with no loss for the margins. Maria casino promokode is a great example, gamers and enthusiasts love to use it as it partnered with a trusted platform.

But it raises an interesting question: how do these promo or coupon code websites make any money? There are a few ways in which they can make money from their websites which will be explored here.


Websites that offer online promo codes or coupons often achieve a fair amount of traffic. Therefore, they can place advertising on their websites. It can be very easy to bring advertisers when they show their traffic statistics.

Advertisers can also understand that these types of websites attract not only visitors but potential buyers. As stated before, people that use promo or coupon code websites have already whipped out their credit cards and are simply looking for ways to save some money before making the purchase.

Affiliate Partnerships

When combined with PPC advertising systems, affiliate partnerships can turn out an exceedingly high rate of revenue production. An affiliate partnership’s revenue production rate will be different depending on the affiliate, but the course is usually the same.

Once the promo or coupon website partners with an affiliate business, the affiliate business will send the promo website deals and offers that are related to products that are currently being promoted.

The website distributes the coupon via the website and any social media links that are available and hopefully, consumers will take advantage of the coupon to buy the product.

If the consumer does use the promo to buy the advertised product, the promo website will receive a commission from the sale. The actual percentage will depend on the arrangement between the website and business, but the commission is usually somewhere between 10% and 30%.

Bulk Sales

In addition to selling deals on an individual basis, promo companies can sell promo in bulk directly to consumers. Some companies sell physical promo books, for example, charging a fraction of the total savings contained in the book but still bringing in enough money to cover printing fees and sales expenses.

Satisfying as many businesses as possible to supply coupons for the bulk product is essential to making this business model work.

Generating Their Own Deals

A daily deal or other single offer can generally create a huge amount of money for a promo website. By visiting business forums, you can gain insight into how to market these deals.

Proactive promo website owners will approach businesses to work out a promoted deal that differentiates their coupon website from the competition while still drawing a large amount of traffic.

These daily deals and other special offers demand a little extra expense from promo website owners but often result in an extra payoff.

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