Honkai Star Rail: Where to Find All Memory Bubbles

Memory Bubbles are a collectible in Honkai Star Rail that can be found around the Herta Space Station. Collecting each bubble awards 1,000 Credits while collecting all 20 of them unlocks an achievement.

To collect them, players will need to speak with Herta first and then simply find and interact with each bubble.

In this guide, I will showcase where to find all Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail and explain how to collect them.

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How to Collect Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail

To collect Memory Bubbles, interact with one of them and it will say that you can’t collect it yet. Then, visit Herta at her office on the far right side of the Storage Zone map and interact with her.

After a short dialogue, you will be able to interact and collect Memory Bubbles.

All Memory Bubbles Locations in Honkai Star Rail

There are 20 Memory Bubbles in Herta Space Station and they are spread across four maps. Let’s examine each map in turn.

Storage Zone

The first four Memory Bubbles can be found on the first floor of the storage zone. Simply travel to the locations shown on the map below and you’ll spot them easily.

Memory Bubbles 1-4 in Honkai Star Rail in Storage Zone.
#1-4 Memory Bubbles in Storage Zone.

There are two more Memory bubbles in the Storage Zone map but they are located on the second floor. Here are their locations.

Memory Bubbles 5-6 in Honkai Star Rail in Storage Zone.
#5-6 Memory Bubbles in Storage Zone.

As long as you’re on the second floor, both bubbles should be easy to spot.

Supply Zone

There are five Memory Bubbles in the Supply Zone and all of them are located on the second floor.

Memory Bubbles 7-11 in Honkai Star Rail in Supply Zone.
#7-11 Memory Bubbles in Supply Zone.

Most bubbles are near teleport points and you won’t need to face any enemies while trying to collect them.

Base Zone

There are four Memory Bubbles in the Base Zone. The second one in the bottom middle part requires going up the stairs.

Memory Bubbles 12-14 in Honkai Star Rail in Base Zone.
#12-14 Memory Bubbles in Base Zone.

The fourth bubble is located on the far south side of the map.

Memory Bubble 15 in Honkai Star Rail in Base Zone.
#15 Memory Bubble in Base Zone.

With this bubble collected, let’s move on to the next and final map, the Master Control Zone.

Master Control Zone

There are five Memory Bubbles in the Master Control Zone. As this is an open map, you’ll be able to spot most of them from afar.

Memory Bubbles 16-20 in Honkai Star Rail in Master Control Zone.
#16-20 Memory Bubbles in Master Control Zone.

Keep in mind that the one on the bottom left is located outside of Herta’s office, not inside.

If you’re having trouble with any of the 20 locations, consider checking out the video below.

Video by Wow Quests on YouTube.

Overall, Memory Bubbles are fairly straightforward to collect, so you won’t have any trouble finding them.

Wrapping up

To summarize, these are all the Memory Bubble locations in Honkai: Star Rail. Interact with Herta and you’ll be able to start collecting them immediately.

While the rewards aren’t amazing, they are extremely easy to find and offer a solid amount of Credits.

Did you manage to find all Memory Bubbles? Do you think the rewards are worth it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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