High School Simulator 2019 Cheats: Tips & Guide to Have a Great Time

In High School Simulator 2019 you live the life of a Japanese high school student: a girl or a boy, the choice is yours. The simple student life comes with a little twist though: you can shoot people and fly helicopters. It’s a very fun simulation game if you like doing crazy things or just want to try living the Japanese high school dream.

In our High School Simulator 2019 tips and cheats you will learn some stuff that you might have not considered or maybe you didn’t know were possible! Flying a helicopter across the city or riding your motorcycle through the school hallways is a thing not everyone considers at start when thinking about a sim game.

So, without further ado, here’s our best High School Simulator 2019 tips and tricks:

Endless options 

If you want to attend classes, but don’t enjoy waiting until they end, just fast forward a few hours. If the sun makes your skin sparkle (like Edward Cullen) and you aren’t a fan of that, make it rainy and gloomy. Basically anything you can imagine is real (or at least the available in-game stuff), so you can do anything and spawn anything that you want.

To do all that, click on the gear (settings) icon in the top left of your screen and there the options vary from outfits and accessories, to whether or not you like seeing blood when committing murders.

Here, you can choose from options such as: changing the weather, adding a random object (really any object in game, weapons included), adding a random weapon (only weapons), changing the time, changing how you control the game and customizing the character.

Another option available to you is the fast teleport. You can go to the selected location just by tapping on the option you want. There are many available locations, each to satisfy all your lazy needs (since you’re not walking there and instead you take the short way in). All these places are on the school premises, so if you want to go home and change the bloody outfit and greet your cat, teleport to the Entrance since that’s the fastest route.

Choose your weapon

If you want some manslaughter and you feeling blood-thirsty, prepare to choose from an arsenal of weapons. Since the game lacks a specific objective, unlike in real-life, where you have do daily tasks, eat, sleep, try to stay away from killing anyone, here, it is exactly the opposite! You can do all those crazy things you aren’t exactly allowed to perform IRL.

If you feel like playing the game fair and square, you can wander around town, and choose some weapons from hidden locations or just grab an ax from the school yard (or a shovel if it goes better with your outfit) and smack the other students and townsfolk. Along with those two weapons, there are also pistols, spears, knives and magic-gifting hats.

But if you feel like getting violent, I suggest to be careful because there is also police, if you want to call them, and they will bring some extra spice to the playground. Some of the other characters will be peaceful if you don’t have bloody hands, but if you walk around swinging a blood-drenched spear and a blood-stained shirt, try not to stay in one spot because some characters might not like that and aim to kill you instead.

As for the best weapon, try the magic Cat Hat! Or the Spear.

Give a gift to the one you like

If you find someone  that you like, they can become your girlfriend/boyfriend by giving them a gift. In the bedroom on the vanity there is a gift (an envelope) that you can pick up. Once you gift that to someone that you fancy, you can ask them for a kiss and start living the dream high school life. But unlike you would’ve hoped (I guess), you can only have ONE girlfriend/boyfriend, so choose wisely! Make sure it’s the best looking one around.

Go exploring the town

You can explore all the school grounds, and the outskirts, where you will discover quite a few interesting stuff. There is a pool, a gym, a cafe and basically anything you might expect from a Japanese high school. The thing here, is that you can have tons of interactions with your surroundings like picking up balls and throw them, sodas, weapons, school bags and bodies (and not only).

The fun fact about this game (which other times can be plain painful) is the object physics. When you pick up a body and drag it around, I could never help but laugh at the ridiculous way it’s moving. Once you’ve discovered the location of the helicopter tho, I think you’re set. Try having some fun now, will you? It’s not every day that you get to experience that.

Try both chars

The unfairness for the male gender is shown here, as the female character comes with a lot more outfit options than you. At the moment, everything is customize-able about your char, from hairstyles to skin color and eyes color to outfits. A wide range of outfits are also available if case you decide you want to play the game with a certain costume equipped.

Instead of wasting time to watch an ad in order to unlock the outfit, I suggest you head into the game and inside the house you can change your clothes for free by pressing Y button. Yeah, that is the fastest and better option in my honest opinion.

You should however try playing as both male and female at some point, because you might like the animation and movements of one more the other’s, so it might be a big game changer for you!

That’s all the High School Simulator 2019 tricks and cheats we have for you people, so if you are curious to see how Japanese high school life is or you simply want to go all GTA-style and slaughter people on the streets, check the game yourself on Google Play and comment down below if you have any other tips that you could share with us!

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