Gravity Defying Shooter LawBreakers Enters Open Beta on PC

Start up studio Boss Key Productions’s first major game is getting a free open beta, starting today! LawBreakers is a self-proclaimed gravity defying shooter where explosive weaponry and slick characters brawl in gravity shifting environments. If you took the fast-paced nature of Quake and threw in some awesome gravity antics, you’d end up with LawBreakers. Boss Key Productions was started by Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games and Gears of War fame, and Arjan Brussee, co-founder of Guerrilla Games, the studio behind the Killzone games and more recently Horizon: Zero Dawn.

You can install the LawBreakers open beta right here on Steam. It’s around 14GB, so be prepared for a somewhat hefty download. The open beta officially starts today, June 30 at 9 AM PT and lasts until July 5. This is the first open beta for the game before it launches on August 8. LawBreakers will also be on the PlayStation 4, however this open beta seems to be only for PC at the moment.

This beta test introduces a new map into the mix called “Vertigo”. Vertigo is part observation facility and training facility to help task operatives hone their gravity skills. Vertigo is comprised of two small bases connected by a bridge. On the open-air sides of the bases are two “G40 Gravity Spheres” which really open the map up. These spheres emit an artificial gravity field around them, and upon entering them you will orbit around the sphere. Skilled players will be able to utilize these spheres to slingshot themselves across the map quickly and quietly. Additionally drones fly through Vertigo, and players equipped with a grappling hook can utilize them for mini grapple points. Mastering the map’s mechanics to move quickly is key to victory!

This beta test will also show off a new mode called “Uplink”. An Uplink spawn in the middle of the map and you’ll need to grab it and deliver it to your team’s base to score. The Uplink will sit in your base once its captured and generate points for your team as long as it’s protected from would-be thieves. It’s essentially LawBreaker’s version of capture the flag, but of course the gravity mechanics will put a nice spin on things – literally!

LawBreakers launches in full on August 8 for the PlayStation 4 and PC at $29.99 / £25.

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