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Get a Steam Link and Indie Game ICEY for Cheap

$8.69 for both?! Pricing error? Nope! Today’s daily deal on the Steam frontpage has listed 2D indie action game ICEY, along with a sweet deal on the Steam Link device. ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game that’s apparently super meta. As you lead ICEY through the world, you’ll be following the orders of a mysterious narrator. But why? And why is ICEY listening to you? As one user review puts it, “It’s The Stanley Parable as if it was made by Platinum Games.”

ICEY is definitely an interesting game to try, but there’s more to this deal. ICEY itself is $7.69, but you can also get the ICEY + Steam Link Bundle for $8.69! Rumors have it that Valve is planning to introduce the next iterations of Steam hardware soon, so this could be a result of that. Either way, if you’ve been in the market for a Steam Link, now’s the best time to jump on it! You even get a cool game to go with it as well!

Well, technically it’s not $8.69. That’s the base price, but after shipping and handling your total will come out to around $15 USD. Still a great deal, though! The Steam Link is a basically a convenient way to bridge your PC to a TV anywhere in your house. Simply connect the Steam Link to your router, turn your PC on and launch Steam, and voila! You’ve got Steam Big Picture running on your TV now. Valve recommends an ethernet connection for the best quality and stability.

As of writing ICEY is sitting on Very Positive Steam reviews, so this is just a great deal all around. Don’t miss out!

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