Genshin Impact Tighnari Special Dish – Everything You Need to Know

In Genshin Impact there are tons of ways of upgrading and buffing up your characters to be powerful. One of the best ones is simply by cooking special dishes.

Genshin Impact has recently been improved with the latest patch – ‘The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings’ making it better than ever!

It included a brand new character in the series and it is none other than Tighnari. He is a 5-star and the highest in the tier ranks of all the characters. When combined with this BEST build he is unstoppable!

That is why knowing about his special dish is crucial. In this guide, I will be talking about everything that you need to know about Tighnari’s special dish. Let’s get started.

Tighnari’s Special Dish – Forest Watcher’s Choice


  • Increases party members DEF by 151 for 300 seconds

In-Game Description:

The Forest Watcher personally picked out these edible mushrooms — not only the common ones but also a few mysterious-looking shrooms that you have never seen before. No condiments were added, for the limelight should go to the ingredients’ unmarred freshness. It must have taken him quite some time to prepare this delicious dish.

Cooking Recipe:

  • Starshroom 1x
  • Mushroom 1x
  • Rukkhashava Mushroom 1x
  • Tighnari as a cook

How To Get It – Mushroom Hodgepodge:

You will need to cook the Mushroom Hodgepodge recipe. It is also a recipe that is cooked by Tighnari.

Every time you cook it there is a chance that you’ll get the Forest Watcher’s Choice food item.

How To Unlock Tighnari’s Special Dish?

The original recipe may be obtained by completing the “An Unwavering Culinary Dream” World Quest line in Sumeru.

Sumeru is the new region that just go added with the latest 3.0 patch, meaning that you will have to play through the new zone and actually advance with the world quests there.

Then after a while of completing the big questlines, you will get to a point where you’ll have the chefs and shops unlocked in the Sumeru City

This way you’ll get ‘’An Unwavering Culinary Dream’’ and you will be able to complete it.

Ingredients & How to Cook

Cooking ingredients are something that is key when cooking. As you might know, the ingredients can be scattered all across the map. 

But here are the best locations for the ingredients found in Tighnari’s special dish.

Where To Find Rukkhashava Mushroom?

The best location for finding Rukkhashava Mushroom in my experience would be the Devantaka Mountain.

I have managed to find them all across the map, but here you will be able to find a whole number of them in a very close area bunched up together.

Where To Find Starshroom?

The Starshroom’s best farming location would be in the south of the map. 

You will want to go near The Glowing Narrows and then a little east of it.

Here you will find the most amount of Starshrooms and they will be literally right next to each other.

Where To Find Mushroom?

Mushrooms can be found literally all across the map. They are a very common item and ingredient used in cooking.

Also, if needed you can always go to the vendors and markets inside Sumeru City and buy all the Mushrooms there.

Where To Cook Tighnari’s Special Dish?

Any cooking station will do. It won’t make a difference. 

Just find it on the map and go into the crafting menu to select the Special Dish to be cooked.

What Is A Special Dish In Genshin Impact?

Every character in Genshin Impact has its own special dish unique and tied to them.

Tighnari, like every other character, has his own meal that he can only make when he’s cooking, and it’s an improved version of the ordinary one. 

When creating the base meal, you have a minor possibility of acquiring it, and getting unique food from a character is a little bonus from having it.

RNG(having luck) comes into play but when it does you will notice the difference after having this special meal. Highly recommended!

Tighnari’s Fighting Style

He’s a 5-star Dendro Bow user whose gameplay revolves around his charged shot, yet his Burst still provides some team assistance in a way that Ganyu does.

You will really need to rely on your buffs from your special dish in order to make that burst outstanding and deal a lot of damage. 

That is why it is crucial that you consume it almost before every big battle or dungeon that you might go through.


Whenever you will play with Tighnari and be together with a team, make sure that you’ll have at least one Special Dish with you! 

It will benefit you, but also your team in defeating all the enemies that you’ll have in front of you!

I hope that this guide was helpful to you and provided you with the necessary information needed to cook Tighnari’s Special Dish.

What is your favorite Special Dish and for which character in Genshin Impact? Happy Cooking!

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