Genshin Impact: Rich Red Brocade Location Guide

Rich Red Brocade is a new material introduced with Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update. It can be found only in Sumeru and is dropped by the Eremites. We’ll learn everything about it in today’s article.

Rich Red Brocade is the rare item dropped by the Eremites, with the other two being the Trimmed Red Silk (Uncommon) and the Faded Red Satin (Common)

The Eremites are a new type of enemy introduced in Sumeru and resemble the Nobushi from Inazuma and the Treasure Hoarders from Liyue.

In this guide, we’ll go through the locations where you can find and kill the Eremites and thus collect as many Rich Red Brocades as you please.

Which Characters Need Rich Red Brocade

In Genshin Impact’s first 3.0 banner, there are no characters that use the Rich Red Brocade materials. However, according to leaks, Rich Red Brocade will be essential for the second banner in 3.0 as well as for 3.1.

Specifically, in the second banner of 3.0, we’ll have access to a new 4-star: Dori. Dori will use Rich Red Brocade as ascension materials. If you’re planning to pull for her, make sure to stock up from now.

All Eremite drops in Genshin Impact

In addition, Candace is another character that will use Rich Red Brocade for ascension. Candace is a 4-star, Hydro, Polearm user that is estimated to arrive with 3.1.

Which Weapons Need Rich Red Brocade

Rich Red Brocade will be needed not only for characters but for weapons as well. The following weapons need Rich Red Brocade for ascension: 

  1. Sapwood Blade
  2. Xiphos’ Moonlight
  3. Forest Regalia
  4. Key of Hierophany
  5. Hunter’s Path

If you’re planning to go for any of these, keep reading to find out the best locations to farm Rich Red Brocades from the Eremites.

Based on their effects, these weapons will be key for creating Dendro-reaction-focused teams. Check my guide on some of the best Dendro reaction teams in 3.0 to find out more!

Best Locations for Rich Red Brocade

According to the official Teyvat Interactive Map, the Eremites are located all over Sumeru. To find them, open the Teyvat Interactive Map, select Enemies (Common) from the left, and then choose the Eremites.

While you can run around and kill each and every one of them, this will take quite some time.

Instead, I’ll mention some of the best locations for farming them, due to the sheer amount of Eremites there.

Farming these locations daily will give you more than enough Rich Red Brocades to ascend the character or weapon of your choice.

Yasna Monument – Caravan Ribat

Eremites farming route from Caravan Ribat to Yasna Monument

Start from the Caravan Ribat on the West side of Sumeru and follow our guide until Yasna Monument.

There are over 20 Eremites between these locations and this is the most you can find in one spot. Always start your farming runs from there!

West of Sumeru

Eremites farming route West of Sumeru City

Walk by the river just West of Sumeru and you’ll find over 15 Eremites in close proximity. This is an ideal location since it’s next to a waypoint and it’s only a straight line.

SouthWest of Vanarana

Short Eremites farming route southwest of Vanarana

There are 10+ Eremites grouped there very close to each other. This makes it a great farming spot due to how quickly you can farm all of them.


As you now know, there are more than enough locations in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update to farm Rich Red Brocade.

Traveling to the mentioned locations daily will ensure you’ll have enough Rich Red Brocades to ascend any character or weapon of your choice when they come out.

If you want to maximize your gains, stick to the Teyvat Interactive Map and go for every single location. While this will take more time, you’ll never run out of Rich Red Brocades.

Which weapon or character are you farming for? Let us know in the comments below!

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