Genshin Impact: Best Venti Build [Guide]

In Genshin Impact, you will have a fair choice of a big character list to choose from. They are all different from each other, but Venti is one of the more interesting ones.

That is why in this guide I will be showing you his best build to make him much stronger. Stay tuned to find out more.

Paimon calls Venti “the Tone-Deaf Bard,” and she is a musician who is curious, laid-back, and always up to no good. 

She often sings old and new songs at one of Mondstadt’s many taverns for the small price of an apple or, even better, another glass of wine.

With very interesting character lore and background, she is sure to be fun as hell to play with. Let’s see how to make him more powerful by using this best Venti build.

Venti’s Characteristics & Fighting Style

The short cooldowns of Venti’s abilities in combat enable him to unleash devastating wind currents on the battlefield at regular intervals, knocking foes off their feet and allowing Venti and his squad to follow up with a Plunge assault. 

His primary ability, in addition to being a reliable source of burst damage, can be used to easily counteract any other Element with Swirl.

And Venti’s Elemental Charge does the same thing to mob packs. 

Bringing them together and suspending them in an Anemo vortex that does constant damage and may absorb another element for greater damage of that kind. 

His attacks won’t stand out as much as the squad levels up, but the combos he makes possible are unparalleled, thus he still ranks highly.

Best Venti Weapons

There are definitely several weapons to choose from when playing Venti but these here are lots of players’ personal favorites.

Elegy for the End

This is a bow that will not only increase the Elemental Mastery of Venti, but also increase this buff on his entire team too. This is why it makes the number 1 list of the best weapons.

The Stringless

This is a simple weapon and bow that Venti can use to drastically increase his Elemental Mastery. It can go up to 48% if upgraded fully.

Windblume Ode

This bow is extremely good when using Elemental Bursts. You will get a buff every time you use a skill like this, increasing your ATK by a large amount.

Sacrificial Bow

This one will only happen when you damage an enemy with an Elemental Skill. You will have a chance of around 40% to activate and deal a whole lot more damage than usual.

Best Venti Artifacts

The Artifacts are plain and simple when it comes to Venti. You don’t want to experiment a whole lot so just stick with these mentioned here.

Viridescent Venderer 4 Piece Set

This artifact is the best for Venti. It will give you the 15% Anemo DMG boost that Venti needs, and on top of that, you will get your Swirl damage to be increased.

Swirl is an ability that you will be using a whole lot with Venti and the increase of this artifact will make it 60% more powerful! It also lowers their elementary resistance to debuffing them.

Viridescent Venderer 2 Piece Set & Wanderer’s Troupe 2 Piece Set

For this one, you will have a mixture of the buffs that were mentioned previously plus Wanderer’s Troupe.

Wanderer’s Troupe gives plain and simply Elemental Mastery by 80. When combined with the Viridescent Vanderer, you will get a % and a simple increase in numbers. Very good indeed.

Instructor 4 Piece Set

This is an artifact that will actually increase your Elemental Mastery by 120 when triggered an Elemental Reaction. 

These reactions will actually happen quite a bit when fighting with more enemies at once so it is pretty common, meaning that you’ll get a lot of EM almost all the time.

Best Venti Builds

You can go ahead and combine everything that you will see in here and come up with the best build of your own, or you can take a look at my recommendations here.

These builds will make it so that every boss that you battle will be a piece of cake!

Swirl Sub DPS

  • Weapon – Elegy for the End / The Stringless
  • Artifact – Viridescent Vanderer x4
  • Main Stats
    • Sands – Elemental Mastery
    • Circlet – Elemental Mastery
    • Goblet – Elemental Mastery
  • Substats – CRIT DMG, Crit Rate, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, Elemental Recharge

For Venti’s Elemental Absorption damage, this sub-DPS build prioritizes a high number of stacks of Elemental Mastery.

The Viridescent Venered’s EM main stats are difficult to get, but this build does the most damage to groups of opponents.

Crit Sub DPS

  • Weapon – Elegy for the End / Aqua Simulacra
  • Artifact – Viridescent Vanderer x4
  • Main Stats
    • Sands – ATK %
    • Goblet – Anemo DMG Bonus
    • Circlet – Crit DMG or Crit Rate
  • Substats – CRIT RATE, CRIT DMG, Elemental Mastery, Elemental Recharge

Venti’s Artifact Mainstats are more or less the same in this Crit sub-DPS build. These Mainstats work much better against enemies with only one target, especially if Elemental Absorption is not involved.

Anemo Support

  • Weapon – Elegy for the End / The Stringless
  • Artifact – Viridescent Vanderer x4
  • Main Stats
    • Sands – Energy Recharge
    • Circlet – ATK % / Elemental Mastery
    • Goblet – Anemo DMG Bonus
  • Substats – Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG

This Venti support build is all about grouping enemies together and making sure your Elemental Burst is always ready. It might not do the most damage, but it is the most reliable way to control a crowd.

Best Venti Teams

There are certainly plenty of teams to combine when you will be playing with Venti, as she is a fairly versatile character. Still, there are some combinations that are better than others.

These are my favorite Venti teams that I have personally had the most success with:

Team Combination 1

Team Combination 2

Team Combination 3

  • Venti
  • Bennet
  • Xingqui
  • Diluc

How To Unlock Venti

On September 28, 2020, Venti, a five-star character, made his debut on a character banner titled Ballad in Goblets, which ran for two months, until October 18, 2020.

In 2021, from March 17 to April 6, she was rebroadcast for the first time. His third is scheduled for 30 March – 19 April, 2022, and is part of Update 2.6.

Now you are able to get Venti by simply heading to the character store and buying him. 

Venti’s Lore & Usages

Despite his childlike appearance and amusing inability to score liquor on the job, Venti’s unusual nature rapidly garnered him fame around town, and he went from being a struggling performer with little money to a well-known composer with lots of drink but no money. 

We don’t expect Venti to be a primary damage dealer, hence he lacks a definitive playstyle. Instead, focus on how well he gets along with other characters. 

The greatest teams will consist of characters that can damage foes even while riding out Venti’s twister, like the ones shown above in this article.

Though he’s great for exploration, his fighting skills are best suited to the Support/Enabler role.


Venti is an amazing character altogether. He will be able to fit into every team with his support stats, and on top of all that, he is an amazing SUB DPS in almost every situation.

This guide will get him to become even better than what he originally is so make sure to give it a try. Lots of players consider Venti to be an SS tier so he is certainly extremely good.

What is your opinion of what a best build should look like for Venti? Have fun playing with him!

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