Genshin Impact 3.0: All Dendro Reactions (and How to Trigger Each)

The newest update in Genshin Impact has been introduced to us! It comes with a fairly new system of Dendro Reactions. Stay tuned for it is in this guide that you’ll learn everything you need to know about them.

The newest and latest 3.0 update brings us a whole new region to explore. We are blessed with also having a couple of new amazing characters to play as.

But what players have been wondering the most, is what are the Dendro reactions and how to trigger each of them. How does this system work? 

Well, readers strap on your belts, and let’s go for a Dendro drive. You will find out everything that you’ll need to know connected with all the Dendro reactions.

All Dendro Reactions – Explained

The Dendro Reactions at the moment can just work well with:

  • Hydro
  • Electro
  • Pyro

To get a good working and high damage dealing Dendro Reaction you will need to mix these attacks together as much as possible, and in the end, you’ll get a very high number of DMG.

There are a couple of Dendro Reactions that work best. These are some of them:

Bloom – Dendro + Hydro

Bloom is the point at which Dendro’s reactions diverge. Dendro Cores, little sprouts that persist on the battlefield for a brief period, are created during the first Bloom response. 

Five Dendro Cores can exist concurrently and at the same time. When you create a sixth Core, all of them burst and inflict Dendro damage.

Burgeon – Pyro + Dendro Core

You will need to use a Pyro attack on a Dendro Core. When combined it will burst at the moment of impact and the damage will spread in a very vast and wide area around you.

Make sure to use this if you have lots of enemies around you for it is one of the best AoE Dendro attacks in the game.

HyperBloom – Electro + Dendro Core

This one is also very effective. Essentially, when using an Electro attack on a Dendro Core, you will spawn a homing heat-seeking arrow in a way, which will track down surrounding enemies.

It will proceed to find even the smallest of enemies and deal a massive amount of damage. Electro and Dendro go very well and can something one-shot some enemies too.

It is also very handy when doing boss fights.

Burning – Pyro + Dendro

Burning has been present in Genshin Impact since the beginning, thus you may have previously seen it. 

Burning does continual Pyro damage and sets adjacent grass on fire if the victim is on grass.

When enemies touch this grass they will become on fire too, effectively spreading the damage in an AoE area as well.

This is highly effective around high-level enemies because of the periodic damage that will be dealt to them.

Quicken – Dendro + Electro

Combining the Dendro and Electro will apply the Quicken effect on enemies.

When targets impacted by the condition take Electro or Dendro damage, the second attack has a DMG boost based on your total Elemental Mastery value.

So the goal will always be to set this de-buff Quicken on your enemies. Use as much Dendro and Electro as possible and you’ll see their health bar go down very quickly. Highly effective!

Dendro Resonance – Explained

Having two Dendro characters in your party increases elemental mastery by 50 for each character. 

Because Dendro and the first set of Dendro characters are so focused on elemental responses, mastery is a stat you’ll want to prioritize for any Dendro-focused party you design.

There are other methods to raise it, like the new Gilded Dreams artifact set.

When used in combination this is what you’ll end up getting:

  • When Burning/Catalyze/Bloom is triggered, adjacent party members gain +30 Elemental Mastery for 6 seconds.
  • When Aggravate/Spread/Hyperbloom/Burgeon is triggered, surrounding party members get +20 Elemental Mastery for 6 seconds.

Who Are The Dendro Users In Genshin Impact?

The Dendro Traveler is of course a Dendro user. But other than that, the developers have announced two more Dendro users and it has been disclosed that they are these:

  • Dendro Traveler – is using the Dendro with a sword
  • Collei – she is a user of the Dendro through the bow
  • Tighnari – also a user of the Dendro with his bow

The playable characters are Collei, who is a 4-star level archer, and then Tighnari. He is a level 5-star archer. 

The new Dendro Traveler is also a 5-star level archer which you should check out too.

Will We Get More Dendro Users In The Future?

The developers have been circling around the idea of having more Dendro users. We are coming closer and closer to real information concerning this question.

The Dendro Archon, who might be Kusanali or not, is also said to be a Dendro catalyst user. 

Alhaitham, a Dendro sword user, will also make an appearance with the 3.1 release.

Yaoyao, another Dendro catalyst user, has been around virtually from the game’s launching date. 

While Baizhou, yet another Dendro catalyst user, is hiding in plain sight in Liyue. Assuming he isn’t an unplayable enemy NPC or foe, he may also appear as a playable character. We can only hope.

Will Dendro Become The New Meta In The Future?

As of the moment of this writing, we are seeing really fantastic-looking Dendro builds all around. They are heavily used and are highly effective.

Although we might be jumping quickly to conclusions and say a simple answer, the truth is that only time will tell. 


The Dendro Reactions are a very cool and interesting thing to check out in Genshin Impact. Although we had it previously, they had only worked with Pyro.

The developers are doing a very good job experimenting with the Dendro and making us – the players – experiment with our builds too! And who knows, it might be the next meta!

We hope that this guide explained the complex system of the Dendro reactions.

A big thank you to the Kusanali from Reddit and Discord for explaining all of this in detail. You can check out the details here.

What is your favorite Dendro reaction in Genshin Impact and do you hope that we get more in the future? Have fun triggering each of them!

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