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Fortnite Basketball Court Locations for Season 5 Greatness

Season 5 is here in Fortnite and the Week 2 challenge is all about scoring some hoops. There are 9 places scattered over the new Fortnite map and we’re here to make your life easier on this and share all the Fortnite Basketball Court Locations.

You also have to score the baskets after finding the courts, and that is extremely simple after a bit of practice. In order to score a basket in Fortnite to complete the Season 5, week 2 challenge, you should position your character close to the half court marking and execute an emote with a basketball, aiming at the rim. It’s easier done than said, so practice a bit and you’ll have no trouble scoring the points!

But now back to today’s topic: where are all the Fortnite basketball courts located? We’re sharing all the details below and if things are still difficult, you can also check out the map that we’re attaching to this article.

There are 9 courts for testing your basketball skills in the game and you can find them in:

1. In Snobby Shores, visit one of the houses situated to the North East and you’ll find it!

2. All the way to the North West, we have Junk Junction’s court: simply go to the Eastern side of it and you can’t miss it!

3. East of Snobby Shores, on the road to Tilted Towers (or Greasy Grove, depending where you’re headed), you will find the third hoop near the soccer field.

4. Going South to Greasy Grove helps you find the next court, just across the Durrr Burger building.

5. Travel to Tilted Towers, where you will find the court on top of the building in the North-West part.

6. Your next one is on the house on top of the mountain South of Salty Springs (or South West of Shifty Shafts on our map below).

7. Traveling to Retail Row, you will find your next court in the Southern part of Retail Row.

8. If you go East from there to the RV parking lot, you will find another basketball court waiting for you there.

9. Finally, the last one is all the way South in Paradise Palms, in the North Eastern section.

As promised, we also have a map with the locations marked on it in order to make it even easier to find them. Check it out below:

And this is it! You now have all the locations for the Basketball courts in Fortnite and you have no excuse not to complete the Week 2 Challenge of the 5th Season as fast as possible.

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