Fortnite Announces 20-Man Team Battle Royale

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As Fortnite continues to gain traction in the competitive multiplayer survival genre, Epic is keeping the momentum going with limited time modes. This time around, we’ve got a special treat on a massive scale: an all-new 20-team battle royale!

You heard right: five teams of twenty players will duke it out in a fierce survival game to the fittest. Starting today, you’ll be able to queue up for the new mode that pits bigger squads against each other. This mode will play out just like the regular mode, but of course with bigger teams. And you know what comes with bigger teams – bigger battles!

To encourage an all-out war, treasure chests and ammo have a greater chance of spawning in this mode, and the storm circle will come at a much faster rate. Be on your toes, stick together with your squad, and take down the world! Remember: this is a limited time mode so be sure to try it out while it’s around, though we’re sure it’ll come back at a future date.

In addition to the Battle Royale changes, the regular PvE Save the World mode has received some new goodies too. A new slick skin, Burnout, has joined the store. Hoverboard Boost Pads have also been added as well, so you can create some gnarly race tracks and build some epic jumps! Finally, the legendary monkey hero Wukong joins the Fortnite roster as a new playable character. You can grab him from the Event store.

This patch brings a lot of new cool stuff to the game, but it also fixes a lot of bugs and adds some quality of life changes, including an easy anti-cheat protection. Hop onto Fortnite today to try out the new mode!


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