Fire Emblem Engage: Best Way to Use Vander

Vander is one of the five recruitable Lythos characters available in Fire Emblem Engage who can join the player’s party during the first chapters of the game.

Specifically, players can recruit Vander during Chapter 1: Awake at Last. He is true to the Jagen archetype. A unit that joins your party pre-promoted, which helps players safely manage the earlier challenges.

Like many units in the Jagen archetype, they are really good in the beginning but fall off later in the game. The best way to use him involves the Paladin, or Great Knight classes and the Sigurd emblem.

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In this guide, I will explain how to recruit Vander in Fire Emblem Engage and showcase the best way to use him for those of you that want him along your journey until the end.

How to Recruit Vander in Fire Emblem Engage


Vander is one of the easier characters to unlock in the game as he simply requires players to progress the main story.

Vander joins the player’s party during Chapter 1: Awake at Last, as your first recruited unit. Before even starting off in your adventure, Vander will be there with you to ease you in.

Once you finish the Chapter, you will have your first three companions. Framme and Clanne will be there, and you will have the 32nd and 33rd generation of stewards watching your back.

Best Class and Emblem for Louis in Fire Emblem Engage


The best class for Vander is the Great Knight. Fire Emblem Engage allows units to have every weapon type, and the Great Knight can use two of the melee weapons. See what weapons your team is missing and Vander has you covered.

Allied Defense is the skill you learn upon reaching level 5, by placing Vander between an ally and a foe, he will take 3 less damage during combat.

Keep an eye on Vanders’ and your other units’ positions in battle, utilizing choke points in the map. Equip the right weapon to break enemies, and Vander will be a great asset for your team.

Alternatively, the Paladin class he starts in is also a solid option. It has the Pivot skill at level 5, which allows Vander to move to the opposite side of an ally. This way, Vander can get an ally out of danger, and cover them. Even if he wouldn’t be able to reach the enemy, and attack by himself.

The best emblem for Vander in the game is Sigurd (unlocked in Chapter 3). This emblem increases Vanders’ mobility by giving him +1 movement. Sigurd will also give him +1 in Dexterity, Defense, and Build while held.

As for later in the game, Byleth (unlocked in Chapter 14) is an amazing option. With Byleth, Vander being a cavalry unit gain +50% Might while using Areadbhar, the engaged weapon. Another great benefit is that a skill Byleth unlocks grants adjacent units 1.2× EXP.

Best Way to Use Vander in Fire Emblem Engage


As a Jagen unit, the best way to use Vander is to do massive damage to enemies and let weaker allies finish them off, and gain that little bit of extra EXP from the kill. Aside from that if you utilize his strengths, he will be a versatile unit for your team.

Since he will mostly stay in the front tanking damage, paring him with Framme so she can heal him, or Clanne to finish off the enemies with magic will make a sustainable combo.

Another amazing unit to pair him with would be the Armor Knight Louis. With high defenses, they will block enemies, and allow weaker allies to safely pick them off.


In conclusion, Vander is an excellent unit to use either for the long or the short term.

This has been everything you need to know, on how to recruit Vander in Fire Emblem Engage. Use what you learned about the best ways to use him including the class options and emblems.

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Let us know in the comments down below what your thoughts on Vander are, and if you are planning to use him. What other units have caught your eye while playing?


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