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Final Fantasy XV’s Multiplayer Expansion Coming November 15

Final Fantasy XV‘s newest expansion packed aptly named Comrades is coming November 15th for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, announced earlier today in a tweet by Square Enix.

Comrades focuses on the events after Chapter 13 of the main game. After Noctis and the party mysteriously disappears, the Kingsglaive rallies survivors to search for and find out what happened to the the crown prince. Players will be able to create their own Kingsglaive survivor that can be outfitted with a variety of royal sigils that grant special powers. You’ll be able to communicate with your party members to create devastating combos and team setups! Different sigils, weapons, and other gear will determine what your character specializes in, so try out your favorite combinations. You can charge into combat with high defense skills, support your party from afar with healing magic, or take down the enemy with brute force with heavy weapons.

Players can undertake various quests that lead them closer and closer to the truth about Noctis, but you also go it alone if you wish to power up your character in specific ways. The combat features the same intensity as the main single-player story does, but there’s a bit more team oriented factors like chain warps, breaking, and more. Work together with your party to take down the enemy!

In addition to the expansion pack, a new patch for the game will be released around the same time. The Xbox One version will be receiving a an update that adds Xbox One X support, allowing the game to take advantage of the extra power of the X. In-game you’ll also be able to accept more quests at a time, which will also be added into the PlayStation 4 version on November 10.


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