Final Fantasy XV Finally Coming to PC

The latest entry in the legendary Japanese RPG series is finally coming to the PC, almost a year after its console release. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will grace the PC platform with its apt name early 2018 on the Windows Store, Steam, and Origin. You can check out the Steam page here.

The Windows Edition will contain all of the DLC that has been released over this past year, so newcomers will be able to experience the ultimate edition of Final Fantasy XV. If you’ve already played through the journey before, taking a trip back to the world of Eos may or may not be worth it, depending on your view. If you really enjoyed the game, the souped-up graphical fidelity might entice another playthrough.

Boasting 4K and 8K high-resolution textures and Dolby Atmos for high-quality sound, Square Enix is billing this game as the definitive version of Final Fantasy XV. The game is also compatible with Nvidia GameWorks, enabling the game to render some fancy hair effects, grass, fire, smoke, and more. Pretty particle effects before!

There’s even a new first-person camera mode that can you put you right in the middle of the fast-paced combat. It can also create some immersive moments when you’re strolling through towns or the beautiful landscapes of Eos.

What’s most interesting about the news though is a tweet left by the user “Nibellion”. They tweeted a picture earlier today that shows the supposed recommend system requirements for the game. As far as we know none of this is officially confirmed yet.

Now, hold on a second. The game is going to be 170GB? If this ends up being true then Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is an absolute gargantuan beast of a game. The biggest games I can name off the top of my head are Doom (2016) clocking in at 60GB and Titanfall at around 50GB. That’s nothing compared to Final Fantasy XV, but again we’ll wait for an official release of the system requirements.

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