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Far Cry 5’s DLC Lets Players Take on the Viet Cong, Zombies, and Aliens

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Far Cry 5, the newest entry in the open-world first-person shooter will now receive couple new DLC packs. Players will be able to battle the Viet Cong, zombies, and also aliens in space. Remember a couple months ago when the game was making the headlines because of the premise of fighting far-right religious fanatics was a little too close to what was currently going on within the US?

Yeah, it’s the same game!

Ubisoft seems to be taking a page out of Far Cry 3 with its offbeat DLC Blood Dragon. In the original Far Cry 3, the main character is kidnapped by pirates and has to escape an island full of dangerous mercenaries. It was a rather serious setting, but the Blood Dragon DLC took things in a completely unexpected direction. While it used the Far Cry 3 engine, Blood Dragon was a standalone expansion pack that was modeled after cheesy, over-the-top 80’s sci-fi flicks.

Blood Dragon ended up being hilariously awesome, and we think that’s the inspiration for this set of DLC packs for the upcoming Far Cry 5. The first DLC Hours of Darkness will drop players in the dense jungles of Vietnam where you’ll take on the Viet Cong in vicious guerrilla warfare. The second DLC Dead Living Zombies is, well, just look at the name. We’re getting a Dead Rising vibe from just the poster alone. The final DLC is Lost On Mars where things get spacey and aggressive aliens need to be put in check.

All of this will be available with Far Cry 5’s Season Pass, but each pack can be downloaded separately. However, Ubisoft is throwing in Far Cry 3 as a freebie if you purchase the Season Pass. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Far Cry 5 launches March 27, 2018.

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