Fallout 76: How to Fix Connection Errors / No Region Ping / Unknown Error

Every now and then, when trying to launch Fallout 76 on PC, I get a strange error that doesn’t allow me to play the game. Today, we’ll learn more about connection errors in Fallout 76 and try to see if there’s a way to fix them.

A strange connection error greets me every time I try to play and seeing that it hasn’t been solved following the full release of the game, I decided to come and share with you an article on how to fix it.

This Fallout 76 connection error that I get seems to be a two-part error, actually.

It’s first a strange “No Region Ping” error message that I get in the game, immediately followed by a generic “Unknown error” message. And it happens every time I launch the game.

fallout 76 no region ping error 1

But how to fix these connection errors in Fallout 76? I’ve got you covered and fortunately it’s very easy!

Here’s how things go in my case – and most likely yours too: after launching the game, after pressing a button, I get error message you can see in the screenshot above.

As you can see, it reads: “Vault-Tec engineers are hard at work getting our servers back online! (NoRegionPing)” and I only have two options: Retry and Quit.

Now, since I know that the servers are online (the Bethesda.net launcher says that), I hit the Retry button.

However, this instantly gives me a new error message: “An unknown error has occurred. Returning to start”

fallout 76 no region ping error 2

Unfortunately, after clicking OK, everything on the screen disappears and I get the generic images rotating, the sound is working… but nothing else is happening.

I tried waiting it out for a few minutes, but it’s still nothing. The game freezes and I can’t play Fallout 76 because of this error.

However, there is fortunately an easy fix for it: all I have to do is to go through the steps seen above each time I launch the game, then when everything disappears from my screen, I hit Alt + F4 to quit the game (since no other button has any effect).

After quitting the game, all I have to do is launch it once again from the Bethesda launcher and it works like a charm from the beginning.

I have no idea why I have to go through this, but at least the fix for this connection problem in Fallout 76 is very simple.

Hopefully that helps you get past the scare you’ll probably feel when you’ll see your game getting stuck there.

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