Fallout 76 Guide: How to Get More Atoms for Free (and Easy)

Atoms are, in Fallout 76, a premium type of currency that can normally be purchased with real life money. Today, we will learn how to get more Atoms in Fallout 76.

You can spend the Atoms in the game for unlocking all sorts of special content that can’t be obtained otherwise, but fortunately it’s not content that affects the gameplay – we’re only talking about cosmetic stuff like new clothes, paint jobs and decorations.

But since you have access to all these premium things that not everybody owns in the game, you’ll probably want to spend a bit here and there just for bragging rights.

And fortunately, there are other ways for you to get more atoms in Fallout 76 – so you don’t have to empty your bank account just yet. You still have some other places to spend that money on with the rise in iGaming’s popularity worldwide and especially in the US.

We’re going to talk about all the ways for you to get more Atoms in the game easily – and prepare to do a lot of playing in order to get them!

Get more Fallout 76 Atoms by completing challenges

If you go to the main menu in the game, you can check out the Challenges category at any given time:

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There, you will see a list of challenges available in the game. They’re divided into multiple categories, like Daily and Weekly challenges, as well as more generic ones related to Survival, Combat, Character and so on.

I believe that the daily and weekly challenges are different, but in my case, my daily challenged me to level up, collect water or kill a legendary creature among other things:

fallout 76 how to get more atoms free 2

The weekly challenges are a bit more difficult, but in my case they sound really fun.

They also reward you with more Atoms when you complete them:

fallout 76 how to get more atoms free 3

Since these will refresh either daily or weekly, they will become your main source of Atoms, even though the rewards are relatively low compared to the prices in the Atomic Shop right now.

But you can focus on unlocking the items one at a time and you’ll get there eventually.

Another method for you to get Atoms in Fallout 76 is by completing the more generic Challenges in the Character, Survival, Combat, Social and World categories.

These are more like achievements in the game because once unlocked, you can’t do them again.

But they also offer a ton of Atoms when you complete them or Perk Packs.

fallout 76 how to get more atoms free 4

The good news is that Bethesda promised that the items available for purchase in the Atomic Shop won’t affect the core gameplay, which means that you won’t ever have to purchase anything from the shop just to remain competitive.

But if you want to further customize your game, you have options to collect Atoms for free and relatively easy by simply completing the Daily and Weekly challenges constantly.

Have you found other easy ways to generate Atoms in Fallout 76? If you did, let us all know by sharing your comments below!

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