Fallout 4 Mod Download: R91 Standalone Assault Rifle

You can never have too many weapons in Fallout, especially when we’re talking about amazing weapons for the game. The one that we’re sharing with you today is based on a popular Fallout 3 weapon that many of you probably love already: the Fallout 4 R91 Standalone Assault Rifle.

Yes, that’s right! We have a standalone weapon that’s brand new and absolutely amazing to handle and it comes packed with crafting options, two different magazines, sounds and a lot of modding options for extra customization and making it even more awesome.

In other words, the R91 Standalone Assault Rifle will be your new favorite weapon in Fallout 4!

Read on to find out everything about this brand new weapon, download and install it!

Info and Description

Our most advanced weapon yet, finally available in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We don’t think anything should come between you and your freedom, especially pesky Bureaucrats or ‘Do-Gooders’.

After some hard campaigning and insignificant Government mandated ‘safety’ improvements, we can finally bring to you the custom ‘Massachusetts’ version of our popular R91 Rifle.

Throw away those other so-called ‘Assault Rifles’ and choose the gun proven by the National Guard of our very own Capitol. Show everyone you mean business, because when it comes to safety and liberty, we all know deterrence is the way.

You can find out even more details about this mod on its download page that you will find here in our article.

Fallout 4 R91 Standalone Assault Rifle Screenshots

fallour 4 r91 weapon 01
fallour 4 r91 weapon 02
fallour 4 r91 weapon 03

How to download & install the R91 Standalone Assault Rifle in Fallout 4

You can download the file here. Easiest way to install it is by using the Nexus Mod Manager (also available at the link I gave you), although manual installation is possible by placing the folders into \Data along with the .esp.

To get the weapon you can spawn it with the console by finding the Item ID [help r91 4] and then [player.additem {Item ID}]

Kudos to FF7CloudStrife for creating this amazing weapon for the Commonwealth!

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