Fallout 4 Mod Download: OCDecorator – Static Loot

Even though everything seems to be broken in the Commonwealth and keeping things tidy might not be your priority, when you’re surrounded by mutants, Deathclaws and radiation, some of us still have that old world OCD hidden deep within their guts and for them we have an amazing Fallout 4 mod today: the OCDecorator – Static Loot.

This is a mod that allows you to build the best looking rooms and settlements in the world by allowing you to arrange, as you see fit, all the objects in the game, be them junk or not. Really, an OCDist’s dream come true.

Read on to find out all the details about the OCDecorator – Static Loot mod for Fallout 4 created by mcface, how to download and install it! It will surely be fun, especially if you’ve already built that perfect settlement already!

Info and details

Here is all the information picked up from the mod’s page:

If you are an Obsessive Compulsive Decorator, you can now safety spend hours fine-tuning the placement items without worry.

No more concerns about Dogmeat passing gas and knocking over a drinking glass on the other side of the settlement..

This mod makes inventory items into decorative static objects.

– Objects CANNOT be knocked over. Not by you, the settlers or a bizarre unknown force.
– Objects CAN be moved around. Use the crafting menu, like any other settlement object.
– Objects CAN be scrapped and it returns the item back to the workshop inventory. You can transfer it back to your inventory from there.
– ANY object you pick up can be placed with the OCDispenser tool! I’m including custom stuff from other mods in that statement.
– Objects build with OCDispenser CAN be picked up and put directly into your inventory.

The results can be absolutely incredible, as you will see in the screenshots in this article!

OCDecorator Screenshots

ocdecorator fallout 4 mod 01
ocdecorator fallout 4 mod 02
ocdecorator fallout 4 mod 03

And here is a video showing even more of the awesomeness that can be achieved after installing this mod:

How to Download & Install OCDecorator in Fallout 4

First, click here to download the file (make sure to read the entire description on the forums). The Installer should do most of the work for you but you should uninstall previous versions of OCDecorator and accept ANY overwrite that might popup during the install process.

Kudos to mcface for creating this amazing mod, and all those who worked on it and helped it become reality!

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