Fallout 4 Armor Location: Where to Find Piezonucleic Power Armor

Any Power Armor you wear is great on its own, and you can see the advantages of wearing it as soon as you put it on, but even the amazing Power Armor can get even better – and one particular piece that makes it better is the Piezonucleic Power Armor.

This is a chest piece that is relatively difficult to get, but extremely useful as it offers great protection but also faster AP regeneration when you’re irradiated. And you’re always irradiated in Fallout 4!

So if you’re curious to find out the location of the Fallout 4 Piezonucleic Power Armor, read on!

piezonucleic power armor piece

You’ll have to be of a higher level in order to be able to get there and do all the things required (including staying alive), but it’s well worth it!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s get to today’s topic, which is something I am sure you can’t wait to read!

Fallout 4 Piezonucleic Power Armor Location

1. Go to Cambridge Polymer Labs (across the River to the North of Diamond City).

2. When you enter the labs, you will find a Mr. Handy robot with a quest for you. Accept the quest and you’ll follow the robot to the decontamination chamber.

It’s here where you will build your Piezonucleic Power Armor later on so remember the location.

3. Get out and move all the way to the left into a room where you will find a Hazmat Suit (you don’t need to take it if you already have one) and also collect the Unknown Sample 3111 (a canister with green lines on it).

4. Equip the Hazmat Suit (optional, but highly recommended because you might not be able to do it otherwise) and go to the room to the right you see when facing the stairs.

There you will find, after defeating the enemy, an Isotope U-238.

5. Now go up the stairs and head to the door locked by a console all the way to the left.

You need Expert Hacking to open it and after you do go inside and get the Unidentified Sample 611. You will have to disable a ton of traps along the way.

6. Return to the Mr. Robot Room and use all the pieces you’ve collected to craft your Armor. Here are its stats:

piezonucleic power armor piece stats

Now you know how to get the Piezonucleic Power Armor in Fallout 4 – it’s definitely worth all the trouble as it is a great piece of equipment!

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