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Explore a Vast Open Plain in Warframe’s latest expansion Plains of Eidolon


Lighting-fast action shooter Warframe is getting its latest content update today in the form of Plains of Eidolon. As the name suggests, players will be able to explore the titular plains in the style of a modern open-world game. The Plains of Eidolon is home to interesting creatures, hidden caves, lush forests, and of course new enemies and missions.

Eidolon is a living, breathing world with natural resources abound. In addition to fighting the new threats found across the plains, players can take a breather and go spelunking to find precious metals and ores in the deep caves. You’ll even be able to fish at the various lakes and rivers strewn across the land. Even super advanced robot ninjas need to take a break every now and then.

While it sounds mostly peaceful, there’s always trouble in the world of Warframe. The Grineer have built drilling stations and outposts across the plains to excavate technology from the old war. The Ostrons, the native citizens of Eidolon, request your aid! Players can storm Grineer outposts to liberate the plains. Beware, as the Grineer have a nasty habit of doubling in numbers at the worst moments possible.

In addition to Warframe‘s established stylish modes of travel, players can summon their Sky Archwings that allow them to fly through the beautiful landscape. There’s lots of wonderment to behold here, so be sure to take your time as you stroll through the plains.

Be sure not to stay out too late though. The plains features a day and night system where monsters and creatures change as the light fades from the sky. When night falls, the titular Eidolons rise from the waters to search for what they’ve lost in the old war. These massive, towering Sentients must be tackled with a full group of Tenno and they will test all of your skills.

And of course, players will be able to visit Cetus, the new capital of the Ostrons. Shop around, enjoy the sights, and learn their history with the Sentients. Players will also learn of the new Warframe “Gara” here, the Lotus’ newest warrior.

Plains of Ediolon launches today on the Steam version of Warframe.

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