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Explore Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend

The fantasy world of Tamriel awaits, adventurer! As a part of the 10-million player celebration, The Elder Scrolls Online will have a free trial period this coming weekened, specifically from November 30 to December 6.

If you want to play the PlayStation 4 version, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to download and play, but the game itself will be free. If you’re on PC or Mac, you can download the game client from the official TESO website or through Steam.

If you’re fresh new adventurer wandering into the world of Tamriel for the first time, your account will be automatically gifted 500 crowns. Crowns are essentially the game’s premium currency, as you can spend them in the crown store that lets you buy boosts, cosmetics, account bonuses, and more. If you’ve played before, your old characters will still be around and your progress will be as you left it!

Once you’ve taken the plunge, be sure to check out the dungeon event as well. Running throughout the free trial period, the in-game dungeon event will rally players both new and old into helping each other complete random dungeons. Once every day you can use the dungeon finder to complete a random dungeon which will net you a Mysterious Reward Box. These boxes contain in-game rewards like experience scrolls, potions, pets, mounts, and more! If you’re super duper lucky, you may even hit the jackpot prize and receive 20 in-game houses and 20 mounts!

The Elder Scrolls Online has come a long way since its original launch back in 2014. If you’re at all interested, we highly recommend checking out the free weekend and seeing it for yourself. We think the game has evolved and is much better than it was in the past, so give it a shot! If it clicks with you, the game is actually 50% off on Steam at the moment. Get ready to jump into Tamriel!

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