EVO 2017 Starts the Fighting Game Extravaganza Today

The EVO Championship Series 2017 has officially started today! Players from all around the world gather in Las Vegas July 14 – 16 to duke it out in popular fighting games. Who will become the champions this year? You can start watching your favorite games and players because the fighting has officially started today! Here’s a quick list of the games featured at this year’s EVO:

Main Events

  • Street Fighter V
  • Super Smash Bros. WiiU
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Tekken 7
  • Injustice II
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction
  • The King of Fighters XIV

AnimEVO Lineup

  • Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!
  • Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match
  • Catherine
  • Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe
  • Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Reload
  • Gundam Versus
  • Hokuto no Ken
  • Koihime Enbu
  • Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
  • Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
  • Vampire Savior
  • Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm

Side Events

  • Capcom vs SNK 2
  • Dissidia NT
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  • Pokken Tournament
  • Project M
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Street Fighter III: Third Strike
  • Street Fighter X Tekken

Here’s a full stream schedule chart:

And here are the Twitch channel links:

Don’t miss out on the panels happening this year either! On Saturday morning, Tom Cannon (one of the founders of EVO) will be hosting a special 15 Years of EVO celebration panel. It’s sure to be a nice little trip down memory lane! On Friday (today!), Square Enix will be hosting a panel to probably show off some more information about the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Popular YouTuber Maximillian will also be hosting his own panel today. There’s lots of stuff to see at this year’s EVO, and even if you can’t make it there in person you’ve got online streams!

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