Ergonomics, Hygiene and More: 5 Handy Lifehacks for Gamers

Whether playing on a PC or a console, there’s not much better than a game that really draws you in. To make sure that you enjoy the game to its fullest there are some things to consider to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your playing of the game.

1. Pay attention to Security

More and more games are available on the internet and/or played online such as the time-honoured World of Warcraft (soon to have a movie included in the franchise) and Elder Scrolls Online that both have a huge following and online community. There is also a huge community of iGamers playing casino and betting games online as well. For any type of game that involves going online it is important to make sure that only reliable and trusted sources are used to prevent inadvertently downloading viruses and malware. According to America’s Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, iGamers should pay special attention to their own security especially if attending a LAN party and only take a PC that has no sensitive or personal data on it. Any PC or internet-enabled device needs to have some form of protection from online threats such as an antivirus/antimalware program and that needs to be kept up-to-date with the latest virus definitions after all it cannot protect against new threats if it is not aware of them.

2. Ergonomics for Gamers

Gamers tend to spend long hours either in front of the PC or games console when playing so it is important to pay attention to the local environment to minimise any potential health risks. An ergonomic chair is a first sensible step because it also supports the body during hours of sitting and prevents muscle cramps. The optimal sitting position on the PC is made up of several factors:

– The back is upright and straight
– The legs are bent at right angles
– The feet stand firmly on the floor
– The elbows also lie at right angles on the table surface

Occasionally standing up and small breaks are also useful from an ergonomic point of view. If you want to keep yourself fit, you can plan a small office exercise as well. Ergonomics, however, affect not only the larger extremities, but also the fingers as they get the most use whilst playing. A normal mouse may not be suitable if spending long hours in front of the PC and it can be better to use a specially designed ergonomic mouse such as ones which support the hand optimally when playing. There are even ergonomic keyboards that are specially designed with the gamer in mind which can greatly reduce the stresses that gamers place on their hands.

3. The optimal food

The type of foods that are stereotypically linked with gaming enthusiasts typically have a high sugar and caffeine content which could be considered necessary for maintaining an edge over other players but can be more harmful in both the long and short term. Gamers should consider water and fresh fruit as an alternative to help boost performance and endurance.

4. Hygiene on PC and console

Keyboards, Mice and game controllers are in constant contact with the gamers hands so it is important to keep both hands and the peripherals clean. Not only does this keep the gamer healthy but by cleaning off the oils and sweat from them can help keep a more consistent grip on the device. Keyboards especially should be cleaned regularly and for mice and game controllers, disinfectant wipes are easily and readily available.

Image Source: Will Stephenson via Pinterest

5. Eliminate everything that is time-consuming

Long waiting times can be very annoying more so when playing so it is important to make sure that you are well prepared to either eliminate or reduce any potential waiting that can cut into your gaming time. Some simple ways that you can prevent wait times include making sure that any wireless peripherals are either already charged or have fresh batteries (maybe even have spare batteries to hand so they can be changed quickly if need be. Making sure that you regularly check for and install updates can also reduce the time you spend waiting and if need be check an hour or two before you plan to play to make sure that when it comes to play time that you are ready to go without any further disruption.

However you prepare to play and whatever you play, always remember to have fun and be safe.

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