Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the most profitable crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley and are unlocked late in the game.

Getting their seeds and farming them is going to be one of the best ways to get rich in the Valley.

However, unlocking them is a bit tricky since they are only found in one of the late-game biomes.

In this guide, I’ll explain where to find pumpkins, how to farm them, and why they are so profitable.

Where to Find Pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy’s Stand in the Forgotten Lands sells pumpkins and pumpkin seeds.

The only way to get Pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by unlocking the Forgotten Lands biome

Keep in mind that the Forgotten Lands biome costs 15.000 dreamlight to unlock, and also requires unlocking the Sunlit Plateau beforehand, which costs another 7.000 dreamlight.

After unlocking the Forgotten Lands biome, you will need to repair Goofy’s stand there once. You don’t have to upgrade it more since pumpkins are available from the first level.

Then, buy as many seeds as you possibly can and get ready to dig and plant them.

Each pumpkin seed costs 275 coins. 

Players can also buy pumpkins directly from Goofy’s stand in the Forgotten Lands. Each pumpkin costs 996 coins.

How to Farm Pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Farming pumpkins is fairly straightforward. Their ideal biome to plant pumpkins is the Forgotten Lands, but they can be planted anywhere.

One good tip is to plant them in the Glade of Trust since you’ll be already digging holes there to collect clay.

After planting the seeds, water them once and then wait. Two real-life hours later, you will have to water them again. Then, two more real-life hours later, they will be ready for harvest.

How to Get Rich with Pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Farming pumpkins is one of the best money-making methods in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is because they only need to be watered twice and each pumpkin sells for 664 coins, which is more than double the buying price of seeds.

Make sure to have a buddy with max friendship who specializes in farming to increase your yields significantly.

Repeat this tactic as many times as you wish and you’ll have enough money to upgrade everything in the Valley.


Now you know how to farm pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You also know why it’s one of the best vegetables to farm since it’s easy and profitable.

The only hard part is reaching the Forgotten Lands biome and unlocking pumpkins.

If you’re into farming, consider checking our guide on how to get onions in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Are you farming pumpkins? Or have you found another, more profitable crop? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.


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