Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get More Costumes

Gameloft has been outstanding in terms of Costumes and Customizable Clothing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

While you start the game with a variety of costumes, the game also offers additional costumes through different methods. But, what are these methods?

We’re going to find out how to get more costumes in Disney Dreamlight Valley and enrich your clothing collection in the game!

How to get more Costumes in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Free Customizable Clothes

Firstly, let’s take a look at what the game has already given you from the start. You’re not out of options after creating and customizing your avatar the first time.

Any other additional customizations can be carried out very easily with the horde of various clothing options provided by the game.

To access these clothes, you’ll need to open up the Menu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wardrobe menu

On the left bar, switch to “Wardrobe”. From the categories under this section, find and enter the “Customize” option.

After that, clicking on “Add New” will open a huge range of costumes and clothing accessories that you can put on your avatar.

Disney Dreamlight Valley customize section

Starting from Polo Shirts to White Mickey Ears, you can choose any category of your liking and hit “Create”.

The game offers you an even wider gamut of colors to beautify your clothing in the perfect color combination that you want.

It doesn’t just end there! You can work with as many as 50 different layers to produce the most unique costume that you can think of!

The options to customize your costume grow larger as you progress through the game and complete various quests.

When you’re happy with the design of costume, you can simply out of the menu and the costume will be automatically saved on your wardrobe.

You can wear it anytime you want by accessing the “Customize” menu from the wardrobe.

This is how you can simply add more costumes to your collection by making use of the free customizable clothing available already.

Events and Pixar Fests

Disney Dreamlight Valley Incredibles Pixar Fest

Various events, sometimes called Pixar Fests, are launched in the game for a short period of time. These events com with extra “Duties” that you can complete to earn lucrative rewards.  

Currently, as of 21st September, 2022, the event that’s taking place involves the Incredibles Suit as the Costume reward, which can be purchased using Moonstones.

Moonstones will be the ultimate in-game currency that players will need to purchase with real money. However, if you have claimed or bought a Founder’s Pack, you probably have some Moonstones to spend.


Opening up chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley rewards you with various items, and if you’re lucky, you might just get a costume as one of the rewards!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Chest open

These chests aren’t that easy to spot, however, so always keep an eye out for chests wherever you’re exploring. You can obviously distinguish between these chests and the storage chests, though, so you shouldn’t have any confusion.

Chests usually come with a single reward. Opening up a chest will cause a small bag to jump out and reveal the costume that you just earned (if you’re lucky!).

While the previous method will most probably require you to pay up, this method of obtaining more costumes won’t need a single penny, but your patience!

Scrooge McDuck’s Store

A simple, but slightly costly way of obtaining new costumes is by purchasing them from Scrooge McDuck’s store. Scrooge brings you a notable collection of different costumes, which you can purchase to diversify your wardrobe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Friendship Levels

Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Reward Maui

Friendship Levels are a pretty huge deal in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only does high friendship levels help you out during quests, it’s a game-changer when it comes to farming and costumes as well!

An increase in each Friendship Level will reward you with a gift item, be it star coins or food items. You also have a chance to earn costumes for going up to a certain level.

For example, when you reach Friendship Level 2 with Maui, you’ll be rewarded with a pair of trunks. On the other hand, once you reach level 10 Friendship with Goofy, a green round cap will be added to your inventory!

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are several ways to get more costumes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. I think as the game updates with time, Gameloft will be adding more ways in which you can increase the range of costumes in your wardrobe easily.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been a splendid game to play so far; the characters and storyline combine brilliantly with the life-sim characteristics, such as fishing and farming, to provide a gaming experience of the highest levels.

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