Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Iron Ingot

Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley are quite useful when it comes to upgrading tools like your Pickaxe.

However, Iron Ingots can’t be obtained by exploring certain places or farming a certain kind of crop. They’ll need to be made in a crafting station. That’s what I’ll be discussing about in this article today.

We’ll take a look at how we can quickly get iron ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley, just with a few steps!

How to get Iron Ingot in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Iron Ingot Disney Dreamlight Valley

Iron Ingots need to be crafted in any of the crafting stations available in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The key ingredients for Iron Ingots are Iron Ores and Coal Ores.

5 of Iron Ores and 1 of Coal Ore are used up in crafting 1 Iron Ingot. These Iron Ores and Coal Ores need to be collected in proper amounts before you can make an Iron Ingot.

Where to Get Iron Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Iron Ores aren’t found lying around in the biomes. You’ll need to mine these iron ores from specific rocks.

Mining rocks for Iron Ore Disney Dreamlight Valley

Iron Ores can be mined from large, dark-colored rocks that are mostly present on the edges of the cliffs in various biomes. They’re quite easily distinguishable, but you’ll need to do some exploring on the outer edges of the cliffs to find these.

The biomes where you most certainly will find these rocks are the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust.

Once you break and mine those black rocks, you’ll be rewarded with iron ores. You may earn different number of iron ores for mining each rock, as well as other items. Sometimes, you may even obtain Emeralds.

Where to Get Coal Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Only 1 Coal Ore is needed while making an Iron Ingot. Coal ores also require less effort to find, compared to Iron Ores.

Coal Ore  Disney Dreamlight Valley
Coal Ore

These can be found in all the biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These are collected just by simply exploring through the lands and picking up items as you go by. You’ll notice the number of Coal Ores increasing quickly.

When you’ve collected the required amount of Iron Ores and Coal Ores, it’s time to craft the Iron Ingot!

Crafting Iron Ingot in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Interact with the nearest crafting station and the “Recipes” menu will open up.

“Refined Material” is the first section in the menu and you need to click on Iron Ingots from the options below. You may also see “Fiber” and “Empty Vial” present in this section, based on how much you’ve progressed in the game so far.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingot Recipe

On the small window present in the bottom-right of the screen, you can see 5 Iron Ores and 1 Coal Ore being used up from your inventory.

If you want to create more than one Iron Ingot, clicking on “+” will increase the number of Iron Ingots to be crafted. Just make sure you have enough iron and coal ores to support the number of iron ingots you need.

Click on “Make” to start crafting. The Iron Ingots will be created and added to your inventory.

You can then easily use it up while making the Shovel Blade or for any other purposes.

Wrapping Up

Do you see how easy it was to get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley? You won’t be needing too long to make yourself some Iron Ingots when a quest asks you to do so, as long as you know how to obtain the Iron and Coal ores.

Nevertheless, if you’re still struggling to get iron ingots, or iron ores, I’d be glad to help you out in the comments section below!

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