Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find the Toy Train

Are you looking for the Toy Train as a task for the “Friendly Exchange” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Are you struggling to locate the Toy Train?

The Toy Train can be found in specific places only. However, it can be time-consuming and at times, difficult, to actually search and obtain the Toy Train.

That is why, I’ll be helping you out today through this article and find the Toy Train, so that you can complete the quest and progress further in the game!

How to Find the Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Toy Train is one of the items you need to collect as a part of the “Friendly Exchange” quest, which involves several characters of the game. Along with the Bowling Pin and Light Bulb, the Toy Train is mentioned by Ariel when you talk to her during the quest.

Friendly Exchange quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll have to collect all these items and deliver them to Wall-E.

Compared to collecting items in other quests, such as Hardwood in the Icy Invitation Quest or Ice Chunks for the Singing Ice quest, it is relatively more difficult to find the Toy Train.

But, where will you find the Toy Train?

The Toy Train can be found in Mickey’s house.

If you follow the conversations with Ariel and Wall-E properly, you can decipher the location of the Toy Train easily.

Be careful, though! The conversations might confuse you as Wall-E does hint that Scrooge McDuck has the Toy Train, when in reality, it’s at Mickey’s house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Plaza Map

Now that you know where the Toy Train can be found, make your way towards Mickey’s house, which is located in the Plaza.

You can easily enter Mickey’s house when you approach the door as long as Mickey isn’t sleeping. You should just come back later if Mickey is asleep, though.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Train
Toy Train

 Search Mickey’s house thoroughly for the Toy Train, from the sofas to the dining table, and you should find it no time. It usually doesn’t take too long to spot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley give items to wall-e

If the Toy Train was the last item left on your list, you’ll notice Wall-E approaching you after collecting the item.

Hand over all the three items to Wall-E upon interacting with it, and you’ll be on your way to Ariel again!

Wrapping Up

If you follow the conversations properly, you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out where to find not only the Toy Train, but also the other items required in this quest.

Nevertheless, I’m here to make things easier and quicker for you, and I hope I’ve done so in this case as well!

If you’re facing any kind of trouble finding the Toy Train still, do leave a comment below so that we can discuss the issue!

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