Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Farm Sand and Clay

Sand and clay are key materials for progressing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Many quests require gathering them and it isn’t exactly clear where to find each of them.

While they aren’t especially hard to find, many quests will require them in large amounts, thus making the process more time-consuming.

Also, if you’re farming either of those, make sure to bring a character with a digging buff along you to increase the materials you’ll gain.

In this guide, I’ll go through where and how to find sand and clay, as well as some of their uses in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Farm Sand in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are various ways to farm sand in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here are all your options:

  • Pick up sand piles
  • Dig anywhere in the sand
  • Mine Blue rocks (after pickaxe upgrade)

While the most efficient method is mining the blue rocks, it is locked behind the first pickaxe upgrade. If you haven’t upgraded your pickaxe yet, consider checking our guide on how to upgrade your tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Digging for sand on the beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In addition, similar to sand piles, blue rocks are limited in quantity and do not respawn.

Therefore, the most consistent way is simply digging anywhere in the sand. To increase your drops, bringing a character with you that offers digging bonuses is a great idea. 

For greater digging bonuses, consider leveling the friendship level of villagers. Check our guide on how to increase friendship quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Farm Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As for obtaining clay, players have fewer options compared to sand. Specifically, you can only get clay by digging in muddy areas near water.

Digging for the clay in the muddy area next to a river in the Glade of Trust.

Keep in mind that clay can only be obtained in the following biomes:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

Clay can be found anywhere in these biomes, as long as it’s in a muddy area next to a water source. However, these biomes are fairly expensive to unlock. The cheapest is the Glade of Trust with a cost of 5.000 dreamlight.

While you’re not guaranteed to get clay each time you dig, the chances are fairly high. Thankfully, it’s not as elusive as Dream and Night shards.

How to Use Sand and Clay

Clay and sand are key materials both for quests and building. Sand is primarily used as a crafting material for Glass (1 coal + 5 sand). Glass is used for crafting other items, like decorations or quest-related glass vials.

Clay is needed to craft bricks (1 coal + 5 clay) at any crafting bench. Crafting a brick for the first time will unlock a wide variety of building recipes including roads, furniture, walls, and more. In addition, clay is needed for Goofy’s quest ‘A Mysterious Wreck’.

Some recipes that require sand or clay may not be unlocked yet since they are locked behind high friendship levels. If you’re looking for a specific reward, consider checking our guide on all friendship rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Sand and clay can only be found in specific locations and are necessary for progressing various quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

By now, you should know where to find sand and clay, while also having some ideas on how and where to use them.

If you’ve found sand and clay but haven’t unlocked the characters that need them yet, check out our guide on how to unlock all characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It also mentions which characters will be added soon to the game!

Are you gathering sand and clay for a specific quest? Or are you trying to decorate the Valley with some new furniture? Let us know in the comments below.


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