Diablo 4: Best DPS Class for Beginners & Overall

No matter if you’re just starting to play Diablo 4 or getting back into the game after a while, choosing a great DPS class is always a great idea. And today I will share the best Diablo 4 DPS class – both overall and for beginners (because, yes, they are different, as you will see!)

The best DPS class overall players can pick is the Rogue class and the best class for beginners is the Necromancer. We’ll go into all the details below, so make sure to read on!

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Diablo 4: Best Overall DPS Class


Although it might not sound like much at first, I am sure that experienced players will enjoy playing the Rogue DPS class which is, when perfectly built, the best one in the game.

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The Rogue is a damage dealer who can attack from a distance or in melee range. This class has a fast and movement-based combat style. Rogues can also use Ice, Poison, or Shadow Imbuements to make their weapons stronger.

Rogues rely on Energy as their resource in order to use their most powerful skills. Energy regenerates slowly on its own, but the regeneration rate can be increased by certain effects tied to skills, talents, and gear.

The Rogue has a unique mechanic that is appropriate to the class. It is simply called Specialization. Players will get access to the Specializations after reaching level 15 and finishing a Rogue-exclusive questline.

  • Combo Points
  • Inner Sight
  • Preparation

The Rogue also has three different mechanics that are unique to this class alone.

  • Stealth: Stealth can be activated through specific Rogue skills. Characters who are Stealthed cannot be attacked by enemies. However, Stealth is lost when attacking or being damaged by an enemy.
  • Traps: Traps are triggered when an enemy moves within their range. They can inflict Cold, Poison, or Shadow damage.
  • Imbuements: Rogues can Imbue their weapons with different elements: Cold, Poison, and Shadow. Shadow damage cripples their targets, Poison inflicts damage over time, and Cold freezes them completely.

When it comes to what options you have to arm yourself, the Rogue can equip two One-Handed Weapons, which can be either One-Handed Swords or Daggers, and one ranged weapons, such as the Bow or Crossbow.

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Diablo 4: Best DPS Class for Beginners


When it comes to beginner players, or those who haven’t played the game for a long time, the Necromancer is the best choice as it can easily be built do deal tons of damage, and is very beginner-friendly.

Also, players will have the ability to have the summoned Undead units help them out.

Necromancers have two different resources:

  • Essence: It refills slowly over time, but can also be replenished through the use of some Basic Skills and talents. Essence is used to cast some of your most powerful skills.
  • Corpses: Corpses come from fallen enemies and can be raised as minions or simply detonated.

Necromancers utilize the Book of the Dead as their unique class mechanic. The book will unlock upon reaching Level 5 and allows Necromancers to customize their army. This customization affects what units you can summon in combat.

The first part of the Book of the Dead will unlock the Skeletal Warriors. Advancing through levels will allow you to summon Skeletal Mages, while Golems can only be obtained by completing a priority quest at Level 25.

Skeletal Warriors: Skeletal Warriors can be given one of three specializations: Skirmishers, Defenders, or Reapers.

  • Skirmishers are standard warriors that deal 30% increased damage, but have 15% reduced Life.
  • Defenders have shields equipped and have a 15% increased Life.
  • Reapers are slow attackers with a wide area of effect frontal scythe attacks and have a powerful wind-up skill that deals heavy damage every 10 seconds.

Skeletal Mages: Skeletal Mages can be given one of three specializations: Shadow Skeletal Mages, Cold Skeletal Mages, and Bone Skeletal Mages.

  • Cold Skeletal Mages: Chill and Freeze enemies.
  • Shadow Skeletal Mages: deal additional Shadow damage.
  • Bone Skeletal Mages: launch their own bones to deal heavy Physical damage at the cost of some of their Life.

Golems: Golems can be given one of three specializations: Bone Golems, Blood Golems, and Iron Golems.

  • Bone Golems: Taunt enemies in a wide area.
  • Blood Golems: drain Life from enemies around them.
  • Iron Golems: charge into enemies to slam the ground and Stun them.

The Necromancer also has two different mechanics that are unique to this class alone.

  • Sacrifice: Necromancers can sacrifice their minions in order to become stronger for a short period of time.
  • Curses: Necromancers can cast Curses upon their enemies which inflict powerful but temporary debuffs with unique effects.

When it comes to what options you have to arm yourself, the Necromancer can equip a unique weapon: The Reaper’s Scythe. Until you get your hands on a Scythe, Swords, Daggers, and Wands, are great options.

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Over to you now: Do you have other favorites (or specific builds in mind) when it comes to creating that perfect damage-dealing character in Diablo 4?


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