DEV Error 11642 in MW2 – How to Fix [UPDATED]

More and more players started getting the DEV Error 11642 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 following the latest update of the game. And I am here today to help you fix this problem so that you can normally resume playing the game and enjoying it with your friends.

Things haven’t gone well with Modern Warfare 2 after its launch. PS5 players also reported getting heaps of Error Code CE-100009-0 – but I’ve already told you how to deal with that.

dev error 11642
The dreaded error message

Now, let’s see how to fix the DEV Error 11642 in MW2!

Before getting more in depth, the first thing you should do to fix the DEV Error 11642 message is to wait for a few minutes. Many players have reported that waiting is all they need to do, as the error is probably caused by a server overloading issue.

UDPATE: Since reporting on this story initially, it appears that the problem has become a bit more widespread. I am adding additional potential fixes below and I recommend trying them all.

All fixes for DEV Error 11642 in Modern Warfare 2

I know that waiting is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you want to play NOW – and even that might not always fix the problem. Let’s look at all options that you should try!

1. Wait for a few minutes

I am repeating this just to make sure you saw it. Most people report that they have managed to get rid of the error message by waiting for a few minutes and trying again.

This suggests that the DEV Error 11642 might be caused by server-related issues, like overloading (too many players online at the same time).

call of duty modern warfare 2 error fix

2. Change your FPS settings

Changing the FPS settings to unlimited from custom settings has been reported as a successful fix by many of the players.

If you already have it set to unlimited, try changing to a lower value – 60 or even 24 until this problem is solved. But usually, setting it to unlimited is what you need to do.

3. Turn DLSS on

If you have turned your DLSS setting in-game to off, turn it back on. Many players have reported success after making this minor change.

It seems now that all the changes required to fix this error are related to the in-game performance and graphics settings.

4. Change refresh rate

Similar to the FPS settings, the refresh rate might be the cause of the MW2 DEV Error 11642. But here, you should change from auto to custom and make sure that you meet the refresh rate of your monitor/TV.

The regular refresh rates are 240, 144, 120 or 60. If you’re unsure what is the one of your monitor, google your model to find out.

Since all the fixes that really work are related to the game’s performance, I recommend trying to tweak other settings as well. The idea is to try and make the game run as smoothly on your system as possible.

I am currently playing with all the settings, trying to see if any other combos work, and I will make sure to update this article once more if I find anything new.

5. Check install files integrity

I am playing the game on PC and for some reason it appears that I always find corrupted files, even after re-checking the install file integrity. So do this regularly as a potential fix for this error.

I personally recommend checking the install files each time before starting a new game. Also, I recommend trying all the fixes from #2 to #4 combined in order to be able to keep playing.


This latest error is one of the most annoying for MW2 players. While it was initially reported only when you wanted to play 1vs1, but it worked if you wanted to practice with Bots.

Now it appears to be widespread and you can’t even practice with Bots without getting the error message.

Hopefully the fixes recommended above were helpful (I strongly recommend trying numbers 2, 3 and 4 first as they’re really easy to do and have high success rates).

If you managed to find another way to fix the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare DEV Error 11642, please let us all know by commenting below.

It would also be helpful if you described the instances when you’re getting the error even if you weren’t able to fix it, as it might help me troubleshoot it easier and come with other potential solutions.

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  1. please advise if you have an xbox (me). As the settings are not svailable here asfar as I know. And please update me if you find an xbox fix. ps this problem only occurs for me with free for all and bots if that helps? Steve


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