Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Guide: Tips to Win More Battles

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In today’s article we will cover all of the Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate tips and cheats to help you become stronger, put together a powerful team and win more battles.

With beautiful graphics and a play style which combines both strategic thinking and fun animations, Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is a very nicely done game which will definitely keep you wanting to play more and more (at least that worked for me)!

But putting all that praising aside, I am here to give you a complete game guide with all of the Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate tips and tricks that you need to know in order to win more battles and become much stronger. So therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

Play the Campaign Mode

The game’s Campaign Mode is basically the Story Mode, where you get to experience the game’s story and to try out your team in challenges increasingly more difficult. The whole Campaign Mode is going to have you fighting all kinds of heroes, some of which you can actually obtain for yourself!

Not only that, but there are also some rewards which you will obtain for completing it, from equipment to Gems and Hero XP (and not only). Therefore I suggest that once you got some of your started heroes, you start fighting here ASAP and collect all of these drops.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there are some stuff you can do in the campaign mode to make it all much easier to progress through, from the very beginning:

crystalborne heroes of fate 2

Use the Auto Battle wisely

The Auto Battle mode ca help you by automatically selecting the attacks your heroes use during the stages. That is quite a very useful feature to help you progress quicker (at the beginning) especially if your heroes are way stronger than the stage’s recommended power.

So I really suggest that in order to save some time, if you are already quite familiar with the game and you know your heroes’ skills, that you just put Auto Battle ON and speed it up by 2x and wait!

If you are against opponents with the same power as you or even higher, then I suggest that you try and manually fight it out because then you can use the skills in the order that you want and see fit.

Cast the right heroes’ skills

Another extremely important point I need to mention is that you really need to make sure that the skills you cast for your heroes is the right one. So if you want to heal the allies, then you use the healer’s skills – or if you want to take down all the opponents, then you try to attack them using AoE skills, and single target skills for bosses.

This is very important, so before every fight try learning the damage your heroes do (approximately) and the skills effects as well. It’s going to be quite handy to just instantly cast the right skills without wasting time reading them during battle. So learning them beforehand is a must.

When you go Auto Battle, the bot will not necessarily use the right skills at the right time, so that’s why it might not work out for you quite that well.

crystalborne heroes of fate 3

Upgrade the heroes

Your heroes can all have various upgrades, from their level to their stars (rank) and equipment. Whenever you can, start leveling up your heroes up to level 10. That will give them a slight boost in Power, and that means that their attacks will be stronger.

Once you level them up, you can start ranking them up. That means that their stars will increase (even if there are Rare, Epic, Legendary heroes, they can still be starred up) and thus their power as well. But let me explain this a little bit more:

Leveling up heroes: This can be done by using Hero XP (the pink potions). You obtain them by selling the bad heroes, from fighting and farming the campaign mode and from daily rewards. Use them for your heroes first! Every 10 levels they can be ranked up, and thus their maximum level increases.

crystalborne heroes of fate 1

Rank up heroes: Every 10 levels your heroes can be upgraded. In order to upgrade them, you will need to first increase your account level (because it has limits to how much you can level the heroes) and then to use some lesser heroes as “food”. That means that if you want to upgrade a Legendary or Epic hero, you can use a Normal or Rare hero for upgrade.

Gear up heroes: There will be plenty of equipment that you will obtain from the normal campaign battles – try using it for your heroes, starting by using the best equipment for your most used and strongest hero. Then, distribute the rest among the other heroes, but to the heroes you use mainly on the team first!

Unlock Hero Infusion: This option is available also when you head on to your hero’s menu, and if you select the last option from the bottom left. There, the Hero Infusion basically lets you unlock some more stats for your heroes by using resources (Silver, Elixirs, Alloys and many other “weird” items that you pick up during stage battles).

crystalborne heroes of fate 4

I suggest that you only do this for your absolute best heroes, as the resources will run out pretty quickly! Also, once an Infuse page is full, you can tap on the next one and start working on that! However, it will start costing more and more (8 pages total = 8 infusions total).

Battle the stages for first time rewards

Every time you pass a stage for the very first time you will automatically claim the “first time clear rewards” which give you some extra Gems (which trust me – are extremely useful)! I suggest that you try and progress through as much as you can even if your team can’t finish the stages with 3 stars every time.

Do that to claim the first time claim rewards, and then, when you can upgrade the team, come back and clear the stages with 3 stars. When you have completed a chapter with all levels on 3 stars, you can claim a Crystal to summon a new hero for free!

Summon heroes

There are a few summons which I want to highlight, especially if you are afraid of what might happen if you try them (if you haven’t tried them yet), Basically I will go through every single option down here to help clear things out for you:

Limited Time Summon: This summon is worth doing if you want a certain hero from the ones which have the drop rate increase. Else, you can use the Gems for something else.

There are several heroes with “Rate Up” and I suggest that you do that summon only if you want the certain hero. Also, whenever you want to summon this, try saving 30000 Gems so you can do the 10x summon (instead of the 3000 for single summon) because from the 10x summon you will get guaranteed at least Epic hero!

crystalborne heroes of fate 7

Hero Summon Ultimate: This is the type of crystal you obtain when clearing a level or you summon plenty of times (you can see your progress in the Summon menu). Use it whenever you get because you might get powerful hero!

Hero Summon Free: This is a summon that you can do for free every single day once, so try doing it since it’s free and you can get any hero, from Common to Rare rarity!

Premium Summon (Daily Limit 1x): This summon costs 1000 Gems, and you can only do it once per day. I really recommend it though, as it will give you mainly very good heroes – I got a Legendary hero from this, so it was definitely worth it.

Gear Summons: There are several types of gear summon, just like there are several types of hero summons. I recommend that you start focusing on the Gear summons once you complete your heroes lineup, and invest all of your currency into trying to get some of the best equipment for them.

Event Summons:These are limited time events which have higher drop rate for selected heroes or gear.

Start working on the airship

In the main game interface you will see on the left side of the screen a few options – they are all tasks you can start working on in the meantime, which take time to complete. I suggest that you start with the very first and have it upgrading in the meantime while you play.

Try not to leave this idle because it doesn’t take a long time to research and while you complete a few Campaign stages, you will have already upgraded a couple of features!

crystalborne heroes of fate 6

Research on the Research Deck

Similar to the airship, you can start researching various traits here. They only take a little while, starting with a couple of seconds and moving up to around several minutes. I suggest that you do them all whenever you can and not leave it idle either, because it will boost your team’s stats.

These would be all of our Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with the rest of us? Leave them down in the comments section below!


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